AEW DARK: June 8, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Dark, Episode 92 (“Hey, I Know These Guys!”), June 8, 2021.

From the AEW Arena.

Your hosts are Excalibur and Taz, while my guests appear to include 50 million cicadas. For those of you lucky enough not to live in the eastern middle of the US, let me explain: cicadas are a type of insect that literally spend all but one summer of their 17 year life cycle underground. In that one summer, they emerge by the millions and become omnipresent, mating and attaching themselves to trees for the next generation. THIS is that summer. I have trouble hearing myself THINK over the droning, buzzing, and whirring of their flight and mating calls. Thankfully after this it’ll be all over until 2038, by which time I’ll have forgotten how awful they are just in time to be reminded again. Anyway, the show…

TONIGHT! Aaron Solow of the Factory goes one on one with Sonny Kiss, who is NOT expecting Joey Janela with him! Bear Bronson continues his singles action as he faces QT Marshall! Matt Sydal goes to the skies against the Top Flight of Daunte Martin! The Sea Stars are back and taking on the team of KiLinn King and Big Swole! And why is Matt Hardy in Angelico’s corner?

PLUS: Lance Archer, Dark Order, Abadon, Tay Conti, Marko Stunt, Cezar Bononi, Chaos Project, Thunder Rosa, and Nyla Rose! Plus, you indie fans — we got Zicky Dice, Dan Barry, Willow Nightingale, Natalia Markova, The Amazing Graysons, and Matthew Justice waiting in the ring!

Opening match: Lance Archer vs. Zicky Dice. The YouTube chat really wanted to see Dice in action, but let’s let Roberts explain: “Currently… throwing his opponent into the ring…”

Archer beats up Dice and throws him into the ring, but Dice dodges a blind charge and… throws money at Archer. Archer is more amused than mad, and he runs over Dice and gives him a short-arm clothesline. Multiple running back elbows follow as Jake Roberts on commentary says they’re getting serious and dangerous. Dice fights back with a chop, but that just makes Archer mad. A big forearm puts Dice in the corner, and about eight more follow. Chokeslam follows, but no cover. Blackout ends it at 2:02. Archer just walks off post-match. MURDER

Meanwhile, Matt Hardy exchanges pleasantries with TH2. The Hybrids are in the freelance business, and Hardy says he has a match secured against Christian Cage. He’ll pay $4,200 as a downside, but if they DELETE him, he’ll bump it up to $8,450. Hardy says he’s more creative, more popular, and more of a draw than Christian, and was a millionaire before Christian was. Wait, on top of the $8,450, he’s willing to put them in the HFO (for a small fee). Jack Evans accepts on TH2’s behalf and promises to murder Christian… but Hardy would rather have Angelico do it. It’s happening on Dynamite, and Angelico promises a massacre.

Abadon (7-1) vs. Willow Nightingale (0-2). Roberts: “Crawling to the ring…” Someone’s having way too much fun with intros. Ricky Starks joins us on commentary. Poor Willow looks disgusted.

A very nervous Willow offers Code of Honor, only to get screamed at. Abadon follows with a Thesz Press and slams Willow’s head into the mat repeatedly. Abadon goes after the ref as Willow tries to escape the ring, but Abadon catches her and holds her by the hair. Willow tries to spin Abadon around in a hairpull slam, but they both floor each other and Abadon glares at Willow. Willow retreats to the corner and slaps Abadon out of desperation, which does nothing but earn a scream. Uppercut and corner spears follow as even Ricky Starks is creeped out.

Big cross-ring throw follows, and Abadon charges in, but Willow races away and Abadon crashes head-first into the middle buckle. Willow follows with a cannonball in the corner, but when she goes for another one, Abadon pulls herself up as Willow freaks out. Willow takes out the legs and wants an STF (Taz: “She’s gonna bite your fingers, Willow!”), and indeed, Abadon bites to break. The wrist, but the thought is there. Tilt-a-whirl puts Willow in the corner, and this time the double knees connect. Snapmare leads to a low crossbody on Willow. Abadon uses her leg to DDT Willow for the pin at 3:38. Not much as a match – as expected – but incredible character work by both of them. 1/2* Starks is horrified.

Cezar Bononi (w/The Wingmen) (6-10) vs. Cyrus (debut). No, not THAT Cyrus – Don Callis isn’t suiting up. This is Cyrus the Destroyer, who works Georgia and has spent some time in Japan in WRESTLE-1. Bononi has a black eye, which Excalibur says is from a training accident. Cyrus, meanwhile, has one contact in so it looks like he has heterochromia. Taz: “They could have an Eye For An Eye Match! HA! I got it!” Bononi weights 260, and Cyrus weighs 360, which may make this the heaviest one on one match I’ve recapped.

Lockup, but it goes nowhere and they go nose to nose instead. Round 2 gets a headlock for Bononi, and a tackle leads to a stalemate. Now Cyrus with a headlock, and again the shoulderblock has no one fall down. Cyrus tries again, but Bononi catches him with a back elbow and runs the ropes, only to be caught by Cyrus with a Vader attack. Bononi bails and gets some advice from Peter Avalon. That advice: “Never fall in love with a librarian.” The referee checks on Bononi while Nemeth gets a running start and… bounces off of Cyrus. Avalon and JD Drake wisely stand back, and back in, Bononi with an elbowsmash. Cyrus recovers to send Bononi into the turnbuckle, but a charge eats boot.

A clothesline by Bononi leads to a stalemate, and then both fire it off with Cyrus getting the better of it. Cyrus with a kneelift and he teases a slam, but Bononi slides down the back and tries his own(!!). Cyrus escapes, but Bononi gets Cyrus in the ropes and drops a leg on him. Bononi goes up (!), and a diving crossbody (!!) finally floors Cyrus. Bononi with a knee strike to Cyrus, then a series of right hooks as he tries to keep Cyrus down. A boot drops Cyrus to all fours, repeatedly, but Bononi runs the ropes as Cyrus gets up and catches him in a choke bomb. Avalanche in the corner, and Cyrus goes up, but the moonsault off the top misses and Bononi gets the Angle Slam (!!!) to win at 4:57. I’m such a sucker for battles of the bulls. **

Lexy Nair will interview Aubrey Edwards on Friday.

Angelico (3-2) vs. Matthew Justice (debut). No sign of Matt Hardy in his corner tonight, but Hardy will be there on Dynamite according to the graphic. Matthew Justice is someone I’ve seen put on some hard-hitting brawls in AIW and AAW out in the Great Lakes region. Justice, in posing for the crowd, turns his back on Angelico, but nothing comes of it.

Justice with a spear out of nowhere during the circle for two. Angelico goes to the apron, so Justice knocks him off with a Patriot Missile. He goes to follow with a crossbody off the top, but Angelico moves and Justice SPLATS into the guardrail! Angelico works him over, choking him against the guardrail as we watch replays, then slamming his head on the apron. Back in, a big stomp by Angelico, but Justice pulls himself up and chops away. Angelico kicks out the leg and goes for the Navarro Death Roll, but Justice chops him before he can spin around. Angelico boxes away on Justice in the corner, adding a shin choke.

Justice tries to fight out of the corner, but Angelico works him over with back elbows. Another Death Roll try, but Justice blocks so Angelico just does a Trailer Hitch. Justice makes the ropes. Hammer Throw by Angelico, but the charge gets caught and thrown away by Justice. He goes up, but the big splash airballs and Angelico adds a soccer kick. NOW the Navarro Death Roll completes, and Justice submits at 3:49. Justice got to show some good fire and selling. This has been an exceptional episode so far. *1/4

Dante Martin calls Matt Sydal an inspiration and considers it an honor to face him tonight. But he’s not going to be a fan, he’ll be an opponent. He’s watched Sydal around the world, and yes, Sydal is good, maybe great, but he’s not Top Flight.

Tay Conti (w/Brodie Lee Jr) (14-3, #2 women) vs. Natalia Markova (0-1). If Brodie Jr’s voice changes in 2021, I’m blaming Conti. Markova looks like a cross between Sable and Natalya. Very thick makeup.

Lockup goes nowhere, and Markova imitates Conti’s dance. Conti with a side headlock on Round 2, but Markova shoves her off and adjusts her hair. Conti wants a knuckle-lock now, but Markova kicks her in the gut only for Conti to get a monkey flip and back elbow in the corner. Criss-cross, but Conti with an overhead throw and roundhouse kick for two. Just two, Jr. Markova rolls out and hides behind the post to blindside Conti on the outside, then she hooks a front facelock and goes CLUBBERIN, THEY BE CLUBBERIN TONY. Back in, it gets one.

(Side note: they talk about Cage/Hobbs vs Page/Vance on Dynamite, and Ricky Starks says he’s looking forward to “Hobbs and Hook getting the job done”. Taz does a double-take.)

Markova clubs away some more, as Taz implies Markova doesn’t have a good strategy, then cartwheels out of a hammer throw and gets a leg lariat and spinning facebuster for one. Markova dares Conti to fight back, which she does as a slugfest breaks out with both throwing haymakers. Conti wins the exchange and gets clotheslines to cue the comeback. Ripcord sayonagis follow (or is it a taiotoshi?), then a pump kick in the corner and Broski Boot. Conti floors Markova and tries for Gory 2 Sleep, but Markova tries a backslide. So Conti changes to the DDTay to get the pin at 4:28. Started slow, but picked up one they got to the comeback segment. 3/4*

The Amazing Gray^H^H^H^HDailys (JP and Tommy) (debut) vs. Chaos Project (Luther and Serpentico) (9-13). Not sure why they changed the name for the appearance. Maybe they wanted to play it safe with DC. Serpentico has gone all-black instead of his red accents he usually has. No more Starks.

Serpentico jumps the Dailys on the outside during intros, then throws Tommy in for Luther to beat him up as Taz says Grayson is their middle name. Luther works over Tommy and Hammer throws him, but Tommy goes up-and-over (almost) before getting an armdrag and dropkick. Running forearm and chops in the corner, but Luther with an enzuigiri (!). Serpentico is tagged in, and he gets the slingshot stomp on Tommy. It gets two. Luther back in, and he kicks away before getting a snap suplex for two. Another Hammer Throw, and this time Luther tosses Serpentico into Tommy before crushing both of them.

A knee to the head of Tommy (Serpentico flinched) allows Serpentico to stomp away on him. Tommy tries to fight back, but Serpentico keeps him down before tossing him into the ropes. Tommy ducks a lariat and gets a crucifix cradle for two. Serpentico hits the clothesline and brings in Luther, who chokes Tommy against the ropes and shrieks at the camera. Slam by Luther, and then he tags in Serpentico to slam him onto Tommy before tossing him into JP to knock the latter off the apron. Assisted legdrop gets Serpentico two.

Luther says it’s time to go up, but Serpentico wants a piledriver instead. Tommy backdrops out of it and it’s hot tag JP. Dropkick to Serpentico, then one to Luther, followed by a Tajiri handspring elbow to Serpentico for two. Tommy tagged in, and they look to finish, but Serpentico tosses JP into Tommy. Luther tagged in, and he gives Tommy a pump kick. Creeping Death ends it at 5:45. Chaos Project always has a few funny bits – Serpentico’s body language is a hoot – but this match went on too long. 1/4*

Alex Marvez talks to Joey Janela, who reveals he wasn’t medically cleared to wrestle against Adam Page. Janela hates that he’s always talking about injuries, and he’d rather bring up Bad Boy Summer time. Apparently Marvez got the text this time, and they enjoyed South Beach together. “Jugs and jugs and JUGS of milk!” Then Janela says they’re ready to hit a go-go bar… and Sonny Kiss shows up. Kiss asks Janela to stick around to back him up against Aaron Solow. Janela says he’d love to. Sorry, Alex, the go-go bar will have to wait… until Kiss walks off, at which point Janela takes Marvez away.

Marko Stunt (w/Jurassic Express) (16-24) vs. Ariel Dominguez (first match in 2021). Well, I guess even low-carders need wins. So remember how Cyrus vs Bononi was the heaviest singles match in Dark I’ve seen? This may be the lightest, as Dominguez and Stark combine for 260 pounds.

First, we try to figure out who’s the taller of the two. (Winner: the ref.) Lockup, and Dominguez with a headlock as we threaten International~!… but the shoulderblock DOESN’T knock Marko down! He’s as surprised as you are and wants another, which also doesn’t knock him down. High five! Dominguez kicks him instead, but Stunt catches Dominguez off the ropes with a slam as he celebrates. Dominguez bails out, so Stunt steps over the top rope (or tries to) to the outside. Dominguez throws him into the guardrail, but Stunt loads up big chop and Tail Whip as though he’s Luchasaurus.

Back in, Stunt with a flying cradle for two. Dominguez drop toe holds Stunt into the middle rope and boxes away, getting a flying uppercut and stepping over Stunt to pose to the crowd. Dominguez now with a stalling suplex attempt, but Stunt knees out of it and gets his own! Only 5 seconds, but the thought is there. Stunt with a double bicep as HE walks over Dominguez. Blind charge misses, and Dominguez airballs a Stinger Splash as Stunt goes up and nails a guillotine elbowdrop and lariato. Acid Drop wins it at 3:27. Sue me, I liked it. 3/4* Taz: “That was like half a Sliced Bread. So like an English Muffin.”

Aaron Solow (w/QT Marshall, and Nick Comoroto) (6-13) vs. Sonny Kiss (8-7). So for those wondering, yes, Joey Janela didn’t bother showing up. This slow burn heel turn is going to be fun.

Solow kicks Kiss to start and sends him into the ropes, but Kiss gets a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and step-up rana. Rapid Kissmissal and uppercut follow, then a slingshot crossbody getting one. Solow trips Kiss into the middle ropes to take over, then goes ground and pound. Solow throws Kiss head-first into the turnbuckle, then chokes him against the bottom rope. Solow with a hammer throw and kneelift for two. Kiss fights back, only to get floored by a forearm and snap suplex by Solow for two as Excalibur and Taz go on a youth soccer tangent that makes sense in context. Sort of.

Solow wants the Pedigree, but Kiss backdrops out of it and gets a spinning forearm to get the comeback. Leg lariat and jawjacker follow, then Kiss sweeps the leg and nails a standing moonsault for two. QT is unamused, but Solow pulls Kiss off the ropes on a Lionsault attempt. Double foot stomp and Pedigree ends it at 3:56. Fun while it lasted. *1/4

Post-match, Comoroto and Solow beat down Kiss as QT practically dares Janela to come down the tunnel. No sign of him, and even Excalibur is furious at Janela’s absence. Taz: “It’s time for Kiss to realize that Janela is not a friend of you, my friend.” QT calls off the troops, leaving Kiss to stare at an empty tunnel.

Nyla Rose (10-2, #3 women) vs. Missa Kate (debut). Kate is a young prospect out of the Great Lakes area. Justin Roberts, now fully aware of Vickie’s tendencies, just walks off when she comes out. Vickie still insults her. Vickie’s voice is almost as bad as the cicadas. Taz tries to sing to Nyla’s theme music.

Lockup, and Nyla throws Kate down. Kate with a waistlock, but Nyla just throws her aside. A chop in the corner follows, then another. Hammer Throw, but the charge misses and Kate fires away on Nyla. Kate the runs into a big boot, but puts her head down and gets kicked. Not that she sells it, instead giving Kate a chokeslam. Backbreakers to Kate follow, into a fallaway slam, as Vickie cackles in glee. Nyla with a boot choke in the corner, then the Beast Bomb ends the slaughter at 2:16. Vickie has a black cloth of some sort. It’s an “I Survived Nyla And All I Got Was This T-Shirt” shirt. It’s on ShopAEW! 1/4*

Bear Bronson (8-8) vs. QT Marshall (w/Aaron Solow and Nick Comoroto) (16-1). Bronson has been okay in singles action, but I still think his stock will rise when Boulder returns from injury. Given Marshall’s gaudy record, I kind of wish he’d make a stab at either Omega or Miro just to establish the stratification of AEW talent. Meanwhile, Ricky Starks is back.

Lockup, and Bronson shoves Marshall into the corner. A second lockup follows, and again Bronson wins it and wants more. Marshall with a right hook to Bronson and he smirks, allowing Bronson to deliver quite a few receipts. Marshall floats over a military press and dropkicks Bronson, but Bronson dropkicks Marshall (in theory) before tossing him into the corner. Marshall takes an HBK version of the Flair Flip, then gets BACK body dropped and clotheslined out. Bronson dives onto Marshall, sending him into the guardrail as he does, then tells Comoroto to stay out of this.

Marshall slides out of a slam and drives Bronson into the post, then follows with a kneelift to have him hit it again. Marshall breaks the count and returns, tossing Bronson in. Marshall returns and clubs away at Bronson’s face before picking him up for a back elbow. He wants a back drop, but Bronson kicks away only to walk into a powerslam from Marshall. Diving headbutt follows, getting two. Marshall toys with Bronson, kicking him to the ropes and slapping him around, but Bronson does NOT like this and tanks some right fists.

Bronson with forearms to Marshall, then clotheslines for the comeback leading to a Ron Simmons spinebuster. Blind charge eats Marshall’s boot, but Bronson catches him in the Bossman Slam for two. He starts clubbing Marshall back and forth, but he runs into a Lethal Combination from Marshall, who kips up. Diamond Cutter is shoved off, but Marshall stops Bronson and dives into a sunset flip… only for Bronson to drop weight on him. Big avalanche by Bronson, then a Saito suplex and senton gets a very close two. The trainees say that was the finish. THE STRAPS ARE DOWN for Bronson, but Marshall escapes the Island Driver and lands two SUPERKICKs. Diamond Cutter wins it at 7:37. Marshall is one of those guys who meshes with just about anyone. **1/4

Thunder Rosa (14-2, #1 women) vs. Megan Bayne (0-1). Ah yes, Megan Bayne, doing the Greek Muse gimmick out of OVW. As I recall, she wasn’t that good last time, but Rosa prides herself on making her opponents look good.

Lockup, and Rosa spins out of a choke bomb attempt to get a heel hook out of nowhere. Bayne makes the ropes, then slowly gets up, clearly rattled. Rosa slides in with a waistlock takedown, then gets an anklelock into an STF with cross-face blows. She keeps working the leg, dropping an elbow on it and torquing the knee. Bayne fights out, stopping Rosa with a kick and trying a slam, but Rosa escapes and gets a chop block and shotgun dropkick for two. Rosa keeps working the leg – either one, really, she’s not picky – but Bayne kicks her away.

Bayne with rope to rope Kitchen Sinks, but Rosa escapes the last one and slides behind for a heel hook. Bayne makes the ropes again. Rosa keeps kicking Bayne’s leg out of her leg, then wraps it on the middle rope and kicks again. Blind charge misses and Bayne with shoulder rams to the gut before limping to get momentum for a Stinger Splash. It misses, and Rosa with the Mizline and double knees, then the shotgun dropkick in the corner for two. Rosa chops and forearms away, but Bayne shoves her away and tries a big boot…

…and, you guessed it, Rosa ducks under and picks the plant leg for another ankle lock. This time, Bayne taps at 4:02. Love the psychology in this one, but this felt like a squash. 3/4*

Stu Grayson, Colt Cabana, and Preston Vance vs. Kit Sackett, Justin Law, and Dan Barry. Neither trio has teamed before. Brodie Jr stays at ringside for this one. And yes, that’s long time independent veteran Dan Barry on the other team.

Vance and Sackett start. Lockup, and Vance sends Sackett into the corner and chops him. Grayson in, and Vance whips Grayson into Sackett before Grayson throws him across the ring. Law tags in, only to get blasted with cross chops. Law gets a dropkick and suplex try, but Grayson escapes and gets an overhead throw instead. Law slides out the back of Snake Eyes and brings Barry in, so Colt tags in as Excalibur says they know each other very well. The two flip over each other on a criss-cross, but Colt gets a tilt-a-whirl (!) and drags Barry to the Dark Order corner.

Vance in, landing a pump kick in the corner, and he brings Colt back to get some Flip Flop and Fly. Barry escapes and gets a wild rollup for one, only to run into a Bionic Elbow. Grayson tags in now, getting a snapmare and soccer kick as Barry is put on the apron. Grayson with an inside-out slingshot senton, and back in, he wants a uranage only for Barry to elbow out and fire back with a back suplex that flips Grayson. Law and Vance in, but Law eats the SPINEBUSTER OF DOOM. Sackett runs in and gets floored by Colt, and Nightfall finishes Law for Grayson at 3:58. Dark Order trios matches never overstay their welcome. 3/4* Brodie Jr literally shoves the referee out of the ring so he can raise his team’s hands. Okay, that was hilarious.

Team Sea Stars (1-0 as a team) vs. Big Swole (12-1) and KiLynn King (11-4) (w/Red Velvet). I know the division is too small to justify women’s tag titles, but there’s nothing wrong with pairing a veteran with a rookie so one can learn from the other. King/Exo are much larger than Swole/Vox.

King and Vox start. They exchange wristlocks, with King getting an armdrag out of it, then a lariat. Swole in, and she drops her weight on Vox’s back. Swole runs through Vox and we go International~!, with Swole adding a hiptoss and Kitchen Sink, leading to a back uppercut for two. (Swole’s “oh well” look to the free cam is great.) Swole lines up Vox for a kick but misses, and Vox goes to the eyes before working Swole in the corner. Exo enters, chopping away on Swole before powering her down for two and getting a front facelock. Swole elbows out, but Exo throws her back into the Sea Star corner and brings in Vox for a dropkick. It gets one. Swole tries to fight to the hot tag, but Vox gets in the way and heads collide.

Exo and King in, and King treats it like a hot tag as she pounds away on Exo with Polish Hammers. Roundhouse kick by King sets up a Northern Lights throw for two… and Vox tries to save but hits Exo. King tosses Vox into Dirty Dancing, and Kingdom Falls ends Exo at 3:50. Short but intense, though I kind of wish the Sea Stars got more of a chance considering they’ve already won on Dark. *1/4

Tony Schiavone talks to the Factory about their big wins, but Marshall wants to talk about Dynamite – specifically, about how Marshall pinned Cody. He wants Schiavone to say it with panache, so Tony eventually obliges. That’s it; that’s the segment.

Main event: Matt Sydal (7-3) vs. Dante Martin (8-2). Oh yeah, this oughta be good. It’s too bad that Darius is injured – the Sydals against Top Flight would be a barnburner. As noted in the interview with Martin, Sydal’s been around long enough that Martin cites him as an influence. Indeed, Excalibur calls it a Battle of the Generations.

Lockup, and Sydal gets a waistlock. They reverse until Sydal gets an armdrag and keylock, but Martin gets back up and controls the wrist. Sydal takes Martin down with a trip while getting wrist control back, then switches to a hammerlock as Martin stands. They exchange hammerlocks, with Sydal going to a headlock and keeping the wrist, but Martin flips to reverse to a hammerlock of his own. Sydal with a fireman’s carry takedown into an armlock of his own, keeping work on the arm and powering Martin down before switching to a chinlock and snapmare for one. Martin flips out of a snapmare and gets a Gorgeous George flying mare as Sydal bails. Sydal ducks Martin’s leap off the apron, but Martin rolls backwards to get headsicssors on the floor. WRESTLING!!!

Back in, Martin with some armdrags to slow Sydal down, then gets a sunset flip off a back body drop attempt for two. He got AIR on that sunset flip, btw. Sydal trips Martin into a spinning toe hold and Mutalock, but Martin pounds away on the knee to break. Martin boxes his way to his feet, but puts his head down and gets kicked HARD by Sydal. Sydal goes to the bow and arrow submission on Martin, but releases to do a double stomp for two. Hammer throw and back elbow keeps Sydal in control, then another throw leads to a corner clothesline. Sydal with a charging Shining Wizard IN THE CORNER for two. Great camera work on this one.

Sydal gets a cobra clutch legsweep into the Haas of Pain, then switches to a grounded cobra clutch. Martin drags him to the ropes. Martin tries to punch his way into getting separation and gets a fireman’s carry, but Sydal slides down the back and gets the Slice and twisting moonsault for two, with Martin crucifixing Sydal to break it (Sydal kept rolling to prevent a pinning predicament). Martin boxes himself back up, then they kick each other’s hamstrings until Martin gets a gutwrench suplex. Sydal charges into a boots, and Martin leaps OVER A STANDING SYDAL to get a somersault Stunner for two. Martin gets sent to the apron but goes up, landing a double-jump moonsault for two. Crowd: “This is awesome!”

Martin tries to lift Sydal again, but Sydal escapes into the Michinoku Driver for two. Both men are down, but they duck each other’s flying knees as they get up before heads collide. They stand up to face each other and kick at each other’s legs, then Sydal chops away on Martin. Martin catches a kick, though, and he lifts Sydal up into the Gut Check for two. Martin goes up, but he sees Sydal stand up and rolls through. He tries a middle-rope twisting bodypress, but Sydal kicks him in midair to floor him! Now Sydal goes up, but Martin meets him up there and wants a superplex. Sydal just chops him to the floor HARD, and the Meteora follows for a very close two. Crowd: “Fight forever!”

Sydal checks on his leg (which got caught under his body on the cover) before catchign Martin in SOS for two. Sydal with a spin kick and he wants Lightning Spiral, but Martin stacks him for two. Sydal with a flying knee to floor Martin, then a roundhouse kick and Lightning Spiral to win it at 13:39. Go out of your way to watch this one! ***1/2 Sydal helps Martin up and they do the Code of Honor after the match.

HOW I’D BOOK DYNAMITE (based on what they announced):

  1. Hangman Page and Preston Vance over Team Taz when Ricky Starks’ interference backfires and Page pins Cage.
  2. Christian Cage beats Angelico, but Private Party and TH2 beat down Christian. Matt Hardy challenges him to a match for the June 26 Saturday Night show (as an undercard match to Omega/Perry).
  3. Speaking of, Kenny Omega’s evidence of a conspiracy… is accidentally destroyed because MT Nakazawa is incompetent.
  4. PAC, Penta, and Kingston beat the Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler when Penta destroys Cutler with the Fear Factor.
  5. Cody Rhodes’ big announcement: six-man tag team titles are coming!
  6. Nyla Rose over Leyla Hirsch.
  7. Lance Archer squashes a no-name and says he’ll be watching the main event.
  8. Miro retains the TNT Title over Evil Uno, with Lance Archer running in on Miro post-match. (Though if I had any guts, I’d do a quickie double switch and give Uno a quickie reign.)


BELL-TO-BELL – 67:24 over fourteen matches (average match time 4:49)



  1. Matt Sydal
  2. Daunte Martin
  3. QT Marshall
  4. Cezar Bononi
  5. Brodie Lee Jr, because ref abuse is fun.

Any complaints about my style? I can’t hear you over the cicadas.