A bad case of Bret Fever


It seems to be well-established that Bret dropping the IC title to The Mountie was down to Bret's expiring contract at the time.  But was the whole “104-degree fever” thing made up because no one in their right mind was going to buy Mountie beating Bret otherwise
(I don't remember if that was announced to the house show crowd or only “clarified” on the TV recap)?

By the way, we always saw Mountie matches on TV here in Ontario, so maybe the “ban” you've mentioned before was purely a Western Canada thing.  I presume the reason was the RCMP enforcing its trademarks or something along those lines.

Yeah the whole fever thing was Bret trying to save face as I understand it.  
As for the Mountie, I’ve heard different accounts of where and when he was removed from Canadian TV.  I can only speak from personal experience.