What the World Was Watching: WWF Prime Time Wrestling – March 5, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan are in the studio for this evening’s broadcast.

Opening Content:  The Genius (0-0-1) beats Koko B. Ware (5-0) after Mr. Perfect interferes at 6:47:

This match took place at the Superstars television taping in Phoenix, Arizona on February 13.  Its opening is straight out of Memphis as the Genius takes his time disrobing, Ware seizes his mortarboard to play with it, and the Genius bails several times.  Ware controls most of the match but after he flattens the Genius with a missile dropkick the Genius goes to the floor.  Ware follows but that allows Mr. Perfect to come to ringside, hit Ware in the back of the head, and the Genius covers in the ring for a cheap win.  The constant stalling by the Genius made this a bad bout.  Rating:  ½*

Gene Okerlund does the Update segment.  It replays the Superstars promos by Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior.  Afterward, Monsoon questions whether one wrestler can hold the WWF and Intercontinental titles at the same time.

The Orient Express debut on Superstars airs.

The Big Bossman (3-1) beats Mike Sharpe with the Bossman Slam at 1:31:

This is the Bossman’s first televised match since his babyface turn on the Brother Love Show.  In the split screen the Bossman tells Akeem to read an article about him in WWF Magazine before they meet at WrestleMania VI.  After putting Sharpe away with the Bossman Slam, the Bossman handcuffs him to the ropes and beats him up with his nightstick.

Monsoon says that there will be an “Ultimate Challenge” special edition of Prime Time Wrestling on Sunday night, March 25, from 7-9 p.m. on the USA Network.

Sean Mooney’s Event Center segment sees promos for WrestleMania VI.  Earthquake and Jimmy Hart put over how Earthquake is bigger and stronger than Hercules, so he will prevail in their encounter.  Demolition put over how they are the best team in the WWF and repeat their argument that the Colossal Connection are not invincible.

Randy Savage’s squash win on Superstars airs.

Tito Santana (4-2) defeats Buddy Rose after the flying forearm at 14:11 shown:

The match is joined in progress and was filmed at Madison Square Garden on February 19.  It is a rematch of the opener of WrestleMania I that took place at the same venue.  In a 1990 context, though, the match is another awful Santana showcase against a jobber, causing fans to wonder why it is takes the former Intercontinental champion so long to finish off a sub-par talent.  It is also a sad showcase for Rose as he works long submission holds and botches spots.  There are a few entertaining bits, like Rose’s trademark falling out of the ring spot where he goes butt-first and Santana slamming him off the top rope but none of those spots lead anywhere.  After what feels like an eternity, Santana wins this meandering match with a backdrop and flying forearm.  No rating will be applied because of Rose’s jobber status.

Heenan praises the time of the “Ultimate Challenge” special so that “snot nosed kids” can see it and have enough time to go to bed.  Monsoon announces that some of the feature matches will be the Big Bossman against Boris Zhukov and the Red Rooster against Ted DiBiase.

Earthquake (w/Jimmy Hart) (6-0) pins Mark Ming after the Earthquake Splash at 1:14:

Earthquake is wearing his nasty brown tights for this squash where he awes some of the fans by throwing a dropkick.  The Earthquake adds an insert promo that puts over his power and meanness, which will help him beat Hercules at WrestleMania.  After the bell, Earthquake drops two more Earthquake Splashes.  Ming does the customary stretcher job afterward, with an ambulance sound effect added in.

Heenan says that Hulk Hogan should let Earthquake squash the Ultimate Warrior so that the Warrior will be in no condition to compete at WrestleMania.  Monsoon says Hogan would never want to win under those circumstances.

A replay of Brutus Beefcake’s promo on Wrestling Challenge is shown.

Okerlund does the WrestleMania VI Report.

Mr. Perfect (w/the Genius) (6-0) pins Jerry Monti after the Perfectplex at 1:19:

Monti goes on a brief offensive run after Perfect slaps him, only to have Perfect cripple him with a kneebar knee drop and pin him with the Perfectplex shortly thereafter.

Heenan discounts Brutus Beefcake’s odds at WrestleMania because he is too preoccupied with cutting hair.  When Monsoon counters that Perfect is distracted too because he “hangs out with a dredge of society,” Heenan hilariously fires back that he was not aware Perfect was dating Jake Roberts’ wife.

More WrestleMania promos feature Rick Rude and Bobby Heenan talking about torturing flies as children and likening that to how Jimmy Snuka will be dissected at Skydome.  Dino Bravo, Earthquake, and Jimmy Hart warn Hacksaw Jim Duggan that his 2×4 will do him no good, especially because Bravo has Earthquake in his corner.

Another match is announced for the “Ultimate Challenge” special on March 25:  Dusty Rhodes against Randy Savage.  Heenan predicts that Rhodes will show fear for the first time in his life and back out of that bout, as well as WrestleMania.  The wild scenario Heenan concocts cracks up Monsoon.

The Bushwhackers (7-0) defeat the Powers of Pain (w/Mr. Fuji) (3-3) via disqualification when Fuji interferes at 7:58 shown:

This match was filmed as part of the Wrestling Challenge tapings in Tucson, Arizona on February 14.  These two teams met on Prime Time on January 22, with the Bushwhackers winning via disqualification.  The Powers do not get an entrance and the Barbarian’s disinterest in the match is expressed by an unwillingness to reapply his face paint, worn away by matches earlier in the taping.  Like the first encounter, the Bushwhackers keep the Powers off kilter with goofy spots like biting the Warlord on the butt and tripping the Barbarian on a clothesline sequence.  The Powers never get into a flow and then heel miscommunication on a clothesline nearly results in a pinfall loss until the referee stops counting for some reason.  Butch then runs the ropes but Fuji trips him, the referee sees it, and everyone stands around for a few moments until a four-way brawl clears the Powers from the ring.  That finish made the Powers appear to be the most incompetent team in the company, and the same could be said for Fuji in a managerial role.  Rating:  ½*

Monsoon wonders what Fuji is going to do with the Powers of Pain now that he has a new toy with the Orient Express.  Heenan says Fuji needs to focus his efforts on one team.  He adds that he will announce a new member of the Heenan Family on next week’s telecast.

Heenan says that he will announce a new member of the Heenan Family on next week’s telecast.

The Last Word:  The show did a good job putting over the “Ultimate Challenge” special for March 25, providing a lineup of three feature matches in an era when such a card on WWF television was rare.  All of the feature matches were poor, with the last one appearing to write off the Powers of Pain as an act due to how poorly they did and Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan’s banter about the team afterward.

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