Watts Up, Dog?

I finished the Junkyard Dog book this week and one of
the things that struck me was the chapter about how Bill Watts couldn’t get over
JYD leaving for the WWF and tried multiple times to replace him with another
black babyface in Mid South, only to fail each time.
He then went on to try to do the same thing
with Ron Simmons in WCW which also didn’t turn out very well. So, if he had
managed to stay around longer in the WWF, do you think he would have tried to
persuade Vince to put the WWF Title on Ahmed Johnson? If Vince listened to him
and did that, how do you think Ahmed’s title reign might have gone?

Bill wouldn’t have had to convince anyone very hard. Ahmed was pegged as the next big star project immediately but he would have been a disaster if he had to work matches on top for any length of time.