Bret Hart Biography

My wife and I are watching the Booker T biography (it’s pretty good!) and the ad for the Bret Hart one came on. The digital cable description reads, “Bret Hart defeats Roddy Piper, Ric Flair and Yokozuna.”

1. What a technically correct but spiritually wrong way of describing Bret’s career.

2. If Bret’s career can be summarized in a match, it’s a match where Bret takes the L. I suspect he finds this deeply annoying, which is also highly amusing.

3. I can’t remember if you’re watching these or not, but if you are, how are you finding them? The Booker T one was interesting right up until WCW, and then because they couldn’t or wouldn’t talk about Benoit or Goldust, the rest of it was pretty undercooked. Any general thoughts?

I’ve only watched the Warrior one and the Savage one.  They’re very professionally crafted but I can’t possibly care what Sam Roberts or Pete Rosenberg had to say about someone in the 80s.  I certainly liked the Warrior one better than the Dark Side version though.