Jungle Boy End Game?

How's the snow?

Also, AEW clearly sees something in Jungle Boy like the rest of us but has to realize the character in its current incarnation is going nowhere.  Do you think he could pull off an angle where he loses in his world title shot but very subtly blames his doofus stablemates?  And then slow burn it to him eventually beating absolute tar out of the height-challenged one while luchadoofus is tied up in the ropes?

Or do they lack the confidence in Perry to pull off the pretty boy heel act right now?


Why would they turn him heel?  If anything turning doofus Luchasaurus heel is the logical next step given how unlikeable he was on Big Brother.  His NXT gimmick was LITERALLY Judas Devlin!  That’s how I’d play it, plus that way you get sympathy heat on Perry and can do the giant slaying payoff.