NXT UK – June 3, 2021

Date: June 3, 2021
Location: BT Studios, London, England
Commentators: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

It’s time for a grudge match as Joe Coffey gets to face Rampage Brown in a hoss fight rematch. What more could you really ask for from a show than that? Well in this case we will also be getting Ilja Dragunov vs. Noam Dar and Pretty Deadly defending the Tag Team Titles. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Here’s what’s coming tonight.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Noam Dar

Dar actually takes over on the mat to start but it’s a quick break to let them both up. This time Dragunov down but he holds himself back from going nuts. Instead Dragunov wrestles him back to the mat without much time and cranks on the arm. A big boot staggers Dar again but he is right back with a cradle for two. Dragunov tries the Constantine Special but the knee gives out, allowing Dar to knock him outside in a hurry.

Back in and Dar starts working away on the arm but Dragunov pulls him into an armbar of his own. Dragunov fights up for a German suplex until the knee gives out, though he manages to hold on anyway. The half crab is broken up in a hurry so they slug it out, with Dragunov nailing an enziguri.

Back up again and now the Constantine Special can connect for two on Dar. Dragunov misses a middle rope knee and Dar is right there to bar that knee. The rope gets Dragunov out of trouble so Dar strikes away….which wakes Dragunov up. Something like a fireman’s carry slam into a gutwrench suplex gets two on Dar. An elbow staggers Dragunov though and Dar loads up the Nova Roller, only to walk into Torpedo Moscow to give Dragunov the pin at 13:36.

Rating: B-. This was two guys beating each other up and trying to pick the other apart. When the technical and submission stuff wasn’t working for Dragunov, he resorted to a flying headbutt to the chest. Dragunov as the man to dethrone Walter is not impossible and this was a good showcase of why it was possible. Dar held up his own end as well, as he can deliver when he is given the chance with the right opponent.

Video on Aoife.

Jordan Devlin is back and Sid Scala is glad to see him. Before Devlin is back for good though, he has some demands: a private dressing room, someone taking care of his Mustang and a spot on Supernova Sessions. I hope he itemized that list.

Tag Team Titles: Pretty Deadly vs. Jack Starz/???

Pretty Deadly is defending and this is fallout from the two of them mocking Starz. The mystery partner is…Nathan Frazer, which should work rather well. Stoker drives the much smaller Starz around without much effort to start, followed by a front facelock. Howley comes in to whip Starz hard into the corner but Starz jumps over him for the hot tag off to Frazer.

A very quick armdrag into an armbar doesn’t last long on Howley, as he takes Frazer into the corner as well. It’s back to Stoker and Frazer is tossed hard out to the floor. Frazer is back in rather soon and dives over for a hot tag of his own. Starz gets to clean house as everything breaks down. Something like a slam faceplant gives Starz two on Howley but Frazer is sent outside. That leaves Starz to get jumped, setting up Spilled Milk to retain the titles at 7:10.

Rating: C. This wasn’t exactly strong when it came to drama but it felt like a one off match more than anything else. The good thing here was that I never thought they would have Frazer take the loss here, because thankfully NXT UK is smart enough to know better than to do something so stupid. Throw in Pretty Deadly being a rather snappy heel team and this worked fine.

Tyler Bate is doing some blindfolded training and meditation, while saying anyone can come after the Heritage Cup.

Flash Morgan Webster vs. Joseph Conners

Jinny is here too. Webster works on a wristlock to start and some leg trips set up a standing inverted flip backsplash. That’s a bit too much for Conners, who unloads on Webster to take over. Some quick rollups give Webster two so Conners cuts him off with a backbreaker.

For some reason Webster decides to slug it out with Conners and actually gets the better of things, including knocking Conners outside. That means the big running flip dive on the floor. Back in and they stagger each other again so Jinny grabs Webster’s helmet. The referee deals with that, allowing Jinny to crotch Webster on top. The hangman’s neckbreaker gives Conners the pin at 5:03.

Rating: C. This was pretty quick and mainly a way to establish Conners as more of a threat. That’s all well and good, though Mark Andrews would seem to be the bigger accomplishment. Subculture is a group that works well together, even if it is a team we have seen for months now with a woman added. Not a bad match, but it seems to be setting up more for later.

Post match Subculture runs in for the save.

Walter is back next week. That’s an upgrade.

Video on Kay Lee Ray vs. Meiko Satomura before their rematch for the title next week. Satomura almost has to win there, but I’m not sure she will, which is a hard trick to pull off.

Rampage Brown vs. Joe Coffey

Rematch from a few weeks ago where Brown won. No seconds here and they go straight to the power off, as you might have guessed. Coffey goes for what might be banged up ribs before getting dropkicked out to the floor. They slug it out on the apron before going inside, where Brown stomps on Coffey’s hand. That doesn’t work for Coffey, who knocks him outside for a dive into the barricade.

Back in and Coffey unloads on the ribs, including rights and lefts into a side slam. The running shoulder to the ribs in the corner have Brown in even more trouble, followed by a belly to belly. A double jump moonsault gives Coffey two more and some rapid fire right hands in the corner keep Brown down. Brown blocks a superplex but and rives off the top to drop Coffey again but the ribs give out. Coffey misses a spinning high crossbody and comes up favoring his knee.

They crash outside again with Coffey getting the better of things, though they both break the count. Then they go right back to the floor to slug it out, with Brown being sent into the steps. Back in and Coffey hits a missile dropkick, followed by a bridging German suplex for two. Brown can’t hit the Doctor Bomb so Coffey hits a pair of running headbutts to put him in the corner. All The Best For The Bells finishes Brown at 11:38.

Rating: B-. There is nothing wrong with having two big power guys beating each other up until one of them couldn’t get up. Brown losing actually feels like a bit of a big deal so they have done a good job building him up. Coffey needed a win to boost him back up after not doing much for a little while. Good power match here, which was about all you could have expected.

Respect is shown post match and they both seem up for a rubber match. Cue Ilja Dragunov to stare them both down to end the show.

Overall Rating: C+. I liked the show again and I can’t say I’m even a bit surprised by that these days. NXT UK has figured out the formula with a pair of good matches wrapped around some just ok ones. That is something that is going to work, and my goodness Walter returning and the Women’s Title showdown for next week sound like a great core for the show. This was good, but the big one is next week.



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