Worst Roster…ever?

So looking at the landscape of WWE post Backlash roster cuts, and I can’t think of a worse selection of active wrestlers.


Main Event: Lashley, Drew…and possibly AJ, and Orton

Midgard: Sheamus, Riccochet, Jeff Hardy, Priest, Riddle and Jinder

Women: Rhea, Charlotte, Asuka, Alexa, Shayna, and Nia

Tag: New Day, Vikings, Miz and Morrison, Luchas, and Mace & T-Bar

Bodies: Garza, Humberto, Gulak, Elias, Ryker, Mandy, Dana, Nikki Cross, and Naomi


Main event: Roman

Midcard: Crews, Big E, Cesaro, Owens, Sami, and Rollins

Women: Belair, Banks, and Bayley 

Bodies: Carmella, Morgan, Natalia, Tamina, Nakamura, and Corbin

Even more shocking…outside of Drew there isn’t a single face who is presented as a star. Even if you include MIA Edge or Bray, how is that suppose to attract fans?

Looking at NXT…Balor could help, but I doubt he’d be pushed as a main event guy. And there really isn’t anybody else. Is this the worst roster for star power Vince has ever had?
For star power?  Yeah, it's pretty bad, but most of that is their own doing.  For talent, no way, they're insanely stacked with great workers right now.  Plus they've got Tamina to carry things.