Looks like we’ve figured out Tony Khan’s booking!


As much as I enjoy AEW every week, and the shows are often VERY good (better than nXt, RAW or SmackDown IMO), I think we've seen a concerning pattern to Tony Khan's booking: Most of his big ideas – go back and look……..It seems like Tony Khan has taken all of his favorite angles from the 80s and 90s, and ran thru them all in 2 years (in some cases putting his own spin on it). The Bruno “Teacher vs. Student” angle? Perfect for Cody & Q.T. What was the rage in the 90s? Death Match tournaments? Let's put an exploding barbed wire match on PPV like Funk & Cactus…..right down to the dud explosion. Remember Korchenko draped the flag over a bloody Bill Watts? Perfect (though it makes no sense at all).

Wargames match coming up. What are some great cage match angles? T.A. carving Tully Blanchard's head? Hell in the Cell….big bump off the cage? Remember UT & Brock pulled up the mat….yeah we'll do all of it. How can the heels win? Oh threaten to cripple the leader. Done. (Sidenote: How can they NOT do the greatest of them all – yet to be recycled….Tommy Rich from under the ring in Memphis in 1987?)

Anyways, they call it “hotshotting” for a reason…..how long do you think we come to that point where the burnout happens. Eventually, everyone runs out of ideas. I'm sure at some point, we'll see a “Midnight Rider” angle, or when Lana arrives, she'll be Penelope's assistant and we'll re-do the Precious-Sunshine feud but what happens when all of the ideas are done? Do you see them bringing in another creative mind? (GOD please don't let it be Vince Russo)

We're already changing bookers in AEW fantasy world?  Does that mean I have to take a pay cut, too?