What the World Was Watching: WWF Prime Time Wrestling – February 26, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan host tonight’s show.

A replay of Roddy Piper’s squash on Wrestling Challenge airs.

Gene Okerlund’s Update segment replays WWF President Jack Tunney’s announcement that the main event of WrestleMania VI will be title-for-title.  Also replayed are the promos from Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior on Superstars.

Akeem (w/Slick) (1-0) pins Terry Zeller after a splash at 1:59:

Zeller was an independent talent in the Southwest, working along with the U.S.-Mexican border as “The Thrillseeker” as he also did some jobs on WWF television.

Akeem and Slick tell the Big Bossman that at WrestleMania VI will feel what the ball and chain are like in the split screen.  Akeem lays Zeller over the ropes and beats on him before avalanching his opponent in the corner and finishing with a splash.  Since Tugboat has the same finisher, one wonders if a feud might exist between the two men at a later date.

A replay of the Smash-Haku feature match from Wrestling Challenge is shown.  Heenan complains that Haku should not have been pinned because he had his shoulder up before three.  He gets flustered when Monsoon tells him that the match is a preview of what is to come for the Colossal Connection at WrestleMania.

The Event Center features promos for WrestleMania.  Roddy Piper says he knows lots of beautiful black men and black women, but Bad News Brown is not one of them.  WWF Tag Team Champions the Colossal Connection and Heenan say that WrestleMania will be the last time Demolition has a shot at them.

Dusty Rhodes (w/Sapphire) (4-0-1) pins Conquistador #2 after the Polka Dot Drop at 1:49:

The Conquistador still looks like Jose Luis Rivera, but to position him as a fresh jobber the WWF might as well lie and say he is someone else.  As the Conquistador gets his bearings, Dusty puts over Sapphire’s training regimen for WrestleMania in the split screen.  The action is uneventful as Dusty plays to the crowd before dropping the Polka Dot Drop.

Heenan says that Rhodes and Sapphire should start their own dance show called “Swine Stand” or “Oink Fever.”

Mr. Perfect (w/the Genius) (5-0) defeats Omar Atlas with the Perfectplex at 1:08:

Perfect and the Genius do an insert promo where they vow to teach Brutus Beefcake a lesson in why not to cross Perfect at WrestleMania.  The match moves quickly as Perfect rebounds out of the corner with a lariat and finishes with the Perfectplex.

Al Perez (2-0) wrestles the Red Rooster (3-0) to a double count out at 11:19 shown:

Perez’s two matches to this point have been poor but the Rooster keeps the technical sequences interesting by finding ways to turn them into pinning combinations.  It also helps that the Rooster dominates most of the action by working the arm and Perez is not left to monopolize the action like his other bouts.  The crowd is not appreciative of the technical wrestling to start, with some calling it boring, but the attitude turns by the end as the crowd gets into the Rooster’s comeback.  A body press by the Rooster sends both men to the floor and they brawl there for a double count out, angering fans who wanted to see a winner.  Rating:  **¼

After the bell, Perez flattens the Rooster with a flying forearm in the ring but when the fight continues the Rooster gets the better of it.  This lays the groundwork for either a future televised match or a house show loop between these two.

A replay of Jake Roberts interview on the Brother Love Show on Superstars airs, along with the Big Bossman beating up Love at the end of the segment.  Heenan is angry at Love’s treatment when the show moves back to the studio and he calls the Bossman a coward.

Okerlund provides the WrestleMania VI Report.

The Hacksaw Jim Duggan-Honky Tonk Man feature match from Superstars airs.  Heenan reverts to the classic heel argument that Duggan should not be allowed to carry his 2×4 to the ring because it is a weapon.

A new round of WrestleMania promos sees Demolition repeat their claim that the Colossal Connection are not invincible and can go down.  Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire say that they are ready for the mix tag match against Randy Savage and Sensational Sherri.

Rick Rude (w/Bobby Heenan) (4-1-1) defeats Ronnie Garvin (4-1) after a double KO spot at 7:24 shown:

Garvin does the Bret Hart bit by giving his towel to a fan in the crowd and then he shakes Heenan’s hand, causing commentator Tony Schiavone to flip out.  Garvin dominates most of the action, doing the Garvin Stomp twice.  However, Rude powers out of the reverse figure-four and Heenan distracts on another effort.  A double KO spot results in Rude covering Garvin and Garvin gets his foot on the bottom rope, but Heenan pushes it off and the referee never sees it, awarding the match to Rude.  Since Rude is getting an upper midcard push it is odd that they would make him look so weak against Garvin, who is directionless in storylines.  Rating:  *½

After the match Garvin punches Rude and knocks him over the top rope.  In the studio, Heenan justifies his actions by saying Garvin was trying to kick him in the face so his reaction was instinctual.

Monsoon and Heenan recap the existing card for WrestleMania VI.

Tune in next week to see the Bushwhackers face the Powers of Pain!  Also, Tito Santana will face Buddy Rose in a match from Madison Square Garden!

The Last Word:  The two feature matches were okay, even if they resulted in odd finishes, especially the Red Rooster-Al Perez match where it made more sense to have a winner because neither man would be hurt by losing.  Many of the participants in matches for WrestleMania VI need new promo material because Demolition and the Colossal Connection keep going in circles about ending each other and how they are going to do it, while Mr. Perfect recites the same lines about avenging his manager.

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