Daily’s Place

Is Daily's Place the MVP of the “pandemic era” of pro wrestling?

AEW has been helped immeasurably by having a cool outdoor venue to operate out of during the empty arena shows.  There's still the uncanny valley of the mostly-empty amphitheatre, but just having shows in an amphitheatre rather than some sealed-off little gym (like those few Dynamites at the Nightmare Factory gym in April 2020) feel so much more big-time and cool.  And, AEW made ideal use of Daily's with all the backstage fights and segments, so much so that I feel like I know the geography of the place after all this time.

Daily's then gets its literal day in the sun with that awesome Double Or Nothing PPV, with the full crowd going nuts, and the building's visual scope on full display.  It has become a classic wrestling venue in just over a year's time, and it'll have instant nostalgia value when Dynamite returns to Jacksonville every once in a while back on the normal touring schedule.

If they didn’t have Daily’s Place to run every week, they might have been dead by last Memorial Day but for real.  So for sure, three cheers for Daily’s Place!