NXT UK – May 27, 2021

Date: May 27, 2021
Location: BT Sports Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

Things picked up a lot last week when the Heritage Cup changed hands. Tyler Bate defeated A-Kid to win a heck of a main event, and now we could be in for a few different directions. The big story coming up would seem to be Meiko Satomura challenging Kay Lee Ray for the Women’s Title, whenever that is going to take place. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Nathan Frazer vs. Sha Samuels

Noam Dar is here with Samuels. Frazer chops away to start but Samuels hammers him with right hands in the corner. A running clothesline is countered into a Downward Spiral into the corner but a Dar distraction lets Samuels toss him REALLY far off the top. The chinlock goes on, followed by a hard elbow for two on Frazer. Back up and an elbow drops Frazer again as the power is working for Samuels. Dar suggests and receives a slam for two and it’s time for some fishhooking. Samuels runs him over for two more and the chinlock goes on again.

Frazer is sent into the corner and a belly to back suplex gets two. That’s enough to finally start the comeback with some right hands and a running forearm to drop Samuels. Some rapid fire chops in the corner have Samuels in trouble but Dar distracts Frazer from the floor. Frazer decks Dar, who is ejected for trying to come after him. A running clothesline puts Samuels on the floor for a heck of a running flip dive and a nine count. Back in and Samuels tries his Butcher’s Hook but gets dropped with a springboard moonsault into Nightmare on Helm Street. The frog splash gives Frazer the pin at 9:33.

Rating: C. Frazer continues to impress, but more importantly he continues to appear, as NXT UK seems to have at least some kind of a plan for him. I’m not sure where that plan is going, but it is a lot better than never making television. This was a nice comeback win over a big name, and the fact that he got rid of Dar in the same match made it even better.

Last week, Dani Luna and Flash Morgan Webster had a staredown with Jinny and Joseph Conner.

Joseph Conner and Jinny are ready to show Subculture what they are all about.

Noam Dar is annoyed at being ejected and will take it out on Ilja Dragunov next week.

Teoman vs. Ashton Smith

This is fallout from Teoman mocking Smith for Oliver Carter being gone. Smith shoves him around to start and hits a release backdrop to send him flying. A shot to the face puts Teoman down again as it’s all Smith to start. More right hands and a judo throw get two on Teoman and Smith knocks him outside. The following only gets Smith caught in the ring skirt so Teoman can pound him in the back though, meaning the slow beating can starts up back inside.

Teoman takes the knee out and kicks the arm, setting up a stomp onto the shoulder. The arm is wrapped around the post but the Crossface attempt is countered into a suplex. Teoman is right back with a sliding forearm to the head for two more but Smith hits him in the face a few more times. A gutwrench suplex sends Temoan flying again but he sends the arm into the corner. The Crossface makes Smith tap at 6:39.

Rating: C+. Smith was getting to show off a bit here, which is nice to see after him not really doing anything for a good while now. It might not lead anywhere, but one nice match is more than some people get. Teoman continues to look good and once he gets an actual story, he might be able to go somewhere. For now though, these one off matches will do fine for him.

Post match Teoman puts the Crossface on again but Oliver Carter runs in for the save.

Ilja Dragunov isn’t worried about Noam Dar because he has changed, which is the truth. Dar keeps giving his own version of the truth. Now it’s time to bring violence to Dar.

Pretty Deadly come in to see Jack Starz and mock him for not having friends. Starz yells at him and a match seems ready, if Starz can find a partner.

Andy Wild vs. Kenny Williams

Williams has a new look but gets tossed into the corner by the neck to start. Wild puts him on the top but a rake to the eyes cuts him off. A chop block puts Wild down again and Williams stays on the leg, including a standing leglock. Williams charges into a boot in the corner though and an overhead belly to belly gives Wild a breather. The leg gets taken out again though and a bulldog driver gives Williams the pin at 4:03.

Rating: C-. Short and to the point here as Williams gets his first win after dispatching Amir Jordan. I’m not wild on the bulldog driver as a finisher but it is a pretty emphatic knockout move. This went about as well as it could have and Wild looked good even in defeat, so not a bad use of four minutes.

Video on Kay Lee Ray vs. Meiko Satomura in two weeks. Ray talks about trying to show respect but she isn’t trying to make friends. Satomura just wants the title and wants a clean match but then Ray laid her out a few weeks ago. Now it’s time to fight again.

Video on Joe Coffey vs. Rampage Brown, with Coffey being ready for a rematch. They’re on for next week.

Trent Seven vs. Sam Gradwell

Gradwell has been calling out Seven for coasting on his reputation as of late. They go with the aggressive lockup to start with Gradwell taking him down by the arm. Seven is right back with a crossbody but Gradwell hits a rather hard STO to cut that off in a hurry. A few forearms to the face (with Nigel saying they had some mustard, ketchup and a bit of mayonnaise as well) keep Seven in trouble and there’s a hard shot to the back as well.

The chinlock goes on, with Gradwell cranking on it pretty hard. Seven fights up and hits a DDT (Andy: “That’s going to mes up his hair!”) and a half and half suplex sets up the Emerald Flosion. Gradwell is sent outside for the suicide dive, with Seven coming up holding his knee. Back in and Seven misses a splash, banging up the knee in the process. Gradwell grabs a half crab but Seven reverses into one of his own.

That’s broken up and Gradwell sends him outside, setting up a pretty hard forearm off the apron. They both beat the count at nine with Gradwell going up top but getting caught with a top rope superplex. Gradwell forearms him so hard that Seven might have lost a tooth and a Samoan driver gets two. The Seven Star Lariat gets the same and the double frustration has set in. With nothing else working, the Birminghammer finishes Gradwell at 14:08.

Rating: B. These guys beat each other up rather hard and that is what you would want to see out of a match like this. Gradwell has come a LONG way since his return and it might have made more sense for him to get the win here. Seven did need a win to get him back on track though so it isn’t a horrible decision. Still though, Gradwell winning something in the future would be a good idea.

Overall Rating: C+. Another good show this week, which has long since become a trend around here. NXT UK has the talent pool and the setup to make a weekly show work, with the one hour run time continuing to be the right length. I continue to like this show every week and that has been the case for a long time now, again showing that it can be done if they don’t overthink things.