What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – February 24, 1990

Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura commentate today’s action, concluding the taping in Miami, Florida.

Opening Contest:  Dusty Rhodes (w/Sapphire) (3-0-1) pins Chico Martinez after the Polka Dot Drop at 1:56:

Randy Savage and Sensational Sherri appear in the split screen to denounce Rhodes and Sapphire during the bout, providing generic comments to hype the mixed tag team match at WrestleMania VI.  And that is all that is notable about this Rhodes squash.

Gene Okerlund does the Update segment, hyping WrestleMania VI.  WWF President Jack Tunney reveals that Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior will each defend their title in the main event.  Hogan says he has had dreams of breaking the Warrior’s bones in a wristlock and a bearhug and Skydome opening up so the heavens can strike the Warrior down.  The Warrior counters by saying that he does not need Hogan’s help because his followers will have his back, willing to make any sacrifice to protect him.  Unlike Hogan, who put over the title-for-title stipulation as a big deal, the Warrior scoffs at it as

Bad News Brown (5-0) beats Jim Gorman after the Ghetto Blaster at 1:33:

Like he did on Prime Time Wrestling, Brown tears into Gorman shortly after ring introductions.  As he fires away Roddy Piper does an insert promo that claims Brown is a bully in Harlem.  After punches and kicks, the Ghetto Blaster keeps Brown undefeated.

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Ted DiBiase (w/Virgil) (3-1) beats Jim Evans via submission to the Million Dollar Dream at 1:38:

In the split screen DiBiase promises that Jake Roberts will pay the ultimate price for stealing the Million Dollar Championship and also promises that the Big Bossman will soon learn that no one crosses him.  A clothesline sets up the Million Dollar Dream.

Non-Title Match:  The Colossal Connection (WWF Tag Team Champions w/Bobby Heenan) (2-0) defeat Scott Fulton & Al Burke when Andre the Giant pins Burke after an elbow drop at 1:30:

Ventura raises the point about how Hulk Hogan or the Ultimate Warrior are going to be able to defend two titles after WrestleMania VI.  McMahon’s only rebuttal is that WWF President Jack Tunney will have to decide that issue at a later date.  Demolition cut an insert promo about how the Connection are not invincible as the Connection isolate Fulton in their corner, Haku flattens him with a thrust kick, and Andre seals the deal with an elbow drop.

Brother Love promises that Ted DiBiase will get his property back soon from Jake Roberts at WrestleMania VI, the latter of whom is his guest this week.  Roberts says he did not steal the Million Dollar Championship but merely took it, something DiBiase challenged him to do.  Roberts welcomes out the Big Bossman, who he puts over as someone who cannot be bought.  Roberts and the Bossman walk away, only to have Love say that the only thing lower than a snake is a law enforcement officer that will not take money.  The Bossman comes back out and “arrests” Love, which constitutes handcuffing him to a ringside guardrail until he can grab the ball and chain.  He hauls Love into the ring, delivers a spinebuster, and drops the ball and chain on his chest.

On the WrestleMania VI Report Okerlund announces new matches.  These include Roberts against DiBiase for the Million Dollar Championship, Brutus Beefcake against Mr. Perfect, the Twin Towers exploding as the Big Bossman faces Akeem, and Hercules against Earthquake.  Akeem and Slick cut a promo, vowing that the Bossman will see who the real boss is.  And Earthquake and Jimmy Hart vow that Hercules’ power will not save him from an earthquake.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (6-1) wrestles the Honky Tonk Man (w/Jimmy Hart) to a double count out at 3:36:

Duggan does not sell Honky’s offense and has him primed to eat the three-point stance clothesline before Hart intervenes and grabs Duggan’s leg.  When Duggan is knocked to the floor, Greg Valentine races out and gets into a fun back-and-forth with Duggan.  Honky grabs his guitar, but Duggan stops an effort to hit him with it, only to have Rhythm & Blues overwhelm him.  Somehow Valentine’s interjection is fine with referee Danny Davis, as he prefers to render the bout a double count out instead of a disqualification win for Duggan.  Rating:  ½*

After the bell, Rhythm & Blues continue beating Duggan until he rolls into the ring and grabs his 2×4.  The heels flee before Honky can grab his guitar, though, so Duggan destroys it in the middle of the ring.

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The Last Word:  The feature match is another example of how major acts were protected in this era, but the wild fighting at the end of it still made for a fun ending to the show.  The WrestleMania card is coming together, even if it seems silly for Hulk Hogan to have a chance to win the Intercontinental Championship.  After all, why would the WWF Champion want to win the promotion’s secondary title?

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