Taker’s Worst(s)

After such a great response to the email about Bret, I had this one floating around. Undertaker's had some memorable moments, but for a 30 year run (heavily padded the last decade or so), he's had a fair share of some awful matches and moments. Sometimes it's being stuck with a gimmick that didn't allow much wiggle room for good matches, or opponents who couldn't do much, or a match stip that was doomed from the start. With so many negative moments and feuds, what would be your top 3 worst Undertaker matches? As a bonus question, is there a universally panned match of his you love or have come around to liking over the years that you may have disliked before?
The one I still hate the most is Taker squashing Kurt Angle in 2000 because that was such a waste of the guy who in a major story with HHH and about to win the WWF title.  
I’ve got nothing for the second one I’m afraid.