Re-writing the Warrior’s 1996 return

Hi Scott

I was watching the A&E episode on the Ultimate Warrior. It brought up his divorce to his first wife in the early 90's and how that may have affected him.

Warrior later comes back in 1996, doing the same thing as he did before. By that point, fans were more interested in reality based characters, as we saw the nWo, Stone Cold, and the Attitude era. Hogan dropped the cartoonish stuff in July 1996, and became
a realistic bad guy. Rather than bring back the cartoonish Ultimate Warrior, they could have done the same.

The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase started managing “The Ringmaster” Steve Austin in early 1996. He leaves WWF later in the year, and then joins the nWo in late 1996. The Ringmaster was a failed gimmick, and Dibiase was wasted.

Instead, they could have done this. Warrior comes back in March 1996, all full of himself. Ted Dibiase confronts him, and uses psychological warfare bringing up his divorce, and that he's broke from the years of lawyers fees and alimony. Warrior's face immediately
drops, his shoulders begin to slouch, but Dibiase offers an olive branch. Join him, and he'll take care of his financial issues. A deflated Warrior, emotionally and financial drained joins Dibiase, and becomes a heel. Trading in the multi-color neon for black
facepaint, tassels and tights, The Million Dollar Warrior becomes their answer to Hollywood Hogan.

Warrior is only working for a mere MILLION?  I don’t see him taking that deal.