Austin/Kane First Blood


I wasn't reading many smark sites in Summer '98, so perhaps you can enlighten me here: when the Austin/Kane match at KOTR was signed as a First Blood match, what was the prevailing opinion on how it was going to go?  Was the fact that Kane had no exposed skin
to make bleed taken as a giveaway that he was winning, or did people predict that meant they were going to get cute with the booking and come up with a convoluted way for Austin to retain (like they did the previous month at Over the Edge), and maybe get out
of the “Kane will set himself on fire” pledge, too?

PS. Speaking of “Over the Edge,” Brisco following Austin and Dude Love around holding the bell over his head has to be up there for all-time great comedic visuals in wrestling, right?

The stips were so ridiculously one sided that everyone knew Kane was winning because there was no way to get out of “setting himself on fire”.