Daily News Update – 05.23.21

The MODOK series is actually on Disney Plus in Canada, which is awesome.  The first episode was pretty funny, kind of like MCU crossed with Robot Chicken, so I’m glad to have something to fill the void before Loki starts.

Also, I got a pretty huge bonus on my last Tony Khan cheque thanks to the TBS deal, so I bought a new(er) computer to replace my tank of a laptop, which was an ancient HP Elitebook that I think literally weighed 15 pounds and had an exhaust fan that sounded like a jet engine most of the time.  So now I have one of those Lenovo Thinkpads that weighs less than 2 pounds and runs silent and has actual connections from the 21st century!  Did you know that there’s a new UNIVERSAL serial bus now?  Mind blown.


WWE Returning To Live Touring In July


Aleister Black Returns On Smackdown


Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre Likely For Hell In A Cell