Bret’s Worst

I think in his book he notes his match with Backlund at WrestleMania XI is the worst he's ever had, at least as far as a PPV is concerned. Ignoring his late 2000's comeback where he's not allowed to do anything (the McMahon match is a clear winner, otherwise), would you agree, or can you think of a bigger laid egg from Canada's hero? And for the heck of it, what PPV match of his would you say is the least recognized for how good it is?

Having just watched it, I have to say that his cage match against Diesel at IYH6 was ATROCIOUS, especially for the level that both guys were on at that point.  However, his match with Diesel at Survivor Series 95 is one that is often forgotten for how great it is, even by me, so I'd go with that one for the second part.