Stand Back Kayfabe

So at the time of the 1987 Slammys, the average fan did
not know Vince McMahon was the owner of the WWF, right? So while “Stand Back”
makes perfect sense if you do know he’s the owner, in kayfabe, what was the
point of the song supposed to be? When he sang about how a whole lot of men were
gonna drop, who did he mean? Was he supposed to be annoyed at not being the
play-by-play guy on every show and was plotting to take Gorilla Monsoon out on
PPV so he could host all the shows?


I realize I’m greatly overthinking it and it was simply
mindless entertainment for the casuals and a wink and a nod to those who knew he
was the owner but with no rants to distract me this morning, thanks to your
unfortunate Network issues, it came to mind so I thought I’d pass it along in
case anyone else might want to jump in on it, as unlikely as that may


Thanks Scott and keep up the great work!


I think it was one of those deals where the onion had a bunch of layers you could peel back but you didn't need to if you didn't want to.  Plus, let's be honest, tons of people already knew he was the owner at the time.  PWI made no secret of it.