Zombies In Town (line sung by Tom Servo edition)

Some ideas for paying off the zombie theater

1. Zombie Miz and Morrison working for Alexis Bliss as her “undead” boytoy slaves in her war against Bray until Bray defeats Alexis and Miz/Morrison magically dezombify? 

2. Miz and Morrison show up bandaged but bragging that the zombies just gummed them due to them being toothless redneck zombies, along with the punch line that they never tried eating their faces because Miz/Morrison “have no brains worth eating”?

3. Use it to set up NXT vs Raw with the reveal that Indie Hartwell is responsible for the zombies by way of messing around with whatever dark artifacts Dexter Lumis used to summon zombies last fall and have the Way do a guest spot on Raw tonight where they make Indie dezombify the two and set up Miz/Morrison going to NXT for a bit to seek revenge on Gargano's clique for the zombies Indie summoned accidentally?
Not your best work, Jesse.  I barely feel baked.