WWF Action Zone – September 10th, 1995

September 10, 1995

Your hosts are Todd Pettengill and Dok Hendrix. We get a look at the new logo and opening and then see that this is now a studio show with both guys sitting behind a desk.


We get Pettengill narrating clips of the Dean Douglas vs. 1-2-3 Kid match from the 9/9 edition of “Superstars.”


They kick it over to Dok now as if this is a co-hosted Weekend Update from “Saturday Night Live.” They even have the photos next to the guys like SNL does too for Update. He does the same recap of the Shawn Michaels vs. Tatanka match from the .


Announcers now talk about the new look and attitude of “Monday Night RAW” with Dok adding how last year it was the top rated show on cable and expects the same this season too.


Up next is a British Bulldog interview and the “Ross Report” as a very soft spoken woman does the voiceovers for the “still to come” segments.


Back to the hosts as they say this week we will get the love ballad from Harvey Whippleman to Bertha Faye.


Now it’s the “Recall” segment as we go back to 5/17/93 when the then known “Kid” shocked the world by defeating Razor Ramon.


Dok now introduces us to clips from the 8/21 edition of “Monday Night RAW” when the British Bulldog turned on Diesel.


Ross Report with Jim Ross. He goes over the Triple Header match at “In Your House” and that he heard Cornette is telling his team to intentionally get counted out if one of the members are in trouble. Ross questions if Jerry Lawler should be fined over his role in attacking Bret Hart at SummerSlam before using a “Leave it to Beaver” reference to explain what happened between Razor and Kid but says Kid will be fine and a better man for what happened. Weird thing to say since Razor cost Kid the match and Kid did nothing wrong. However, with all of this and the fact they showed Kid beating Razor in that recall segment its clear something is going to happen between the two.  Ross then ends by once again saying he has no romantic feelings towards Bertha Faye before plugging the Superstar Line. They dropped some storyline hints so it wasn’t a total waste but not too great, either.


After the break, we get some trivia and find out Bam Bam Bigelow has won the most matches on RAW with 20. Razor Ramon has 19 and Yokozuna with 16 behind him.


Next, is the premiere of the “Bertha Faye, I Love You” music video from Harvey Whippleman. They show clips from wrestling and “at home” as Harvey even has a chorus. It was dumb and not too amusing but when it comes to the WWF/E humor scale, nowhere near the worst.


We see the “best there is, best there was, best there ever will be” quote on the screen but this time it came from Owen Hart.


Video package hyping the Shawn Michaels vs. Sid match tomorrow night on RAW. Same package we saw on . Dok predicts that Shawn will win since he always overachieved.


The video recap that from Superstars airs.


Next is the new “Can We Talk About..” segment as the wrestlers are asked where they were when Barry Horowitz defeated Skip. Bob Holly said he was in his shop working on his race car. We get the Spanish language announcers talk about it as Shawn laughs about thinking he would tell us exactly what he was doing when Horowitz was and sarcastically talks about being at a nice dinner with a lady whose name he cannot remember. This was mildly amusing for about 30 seconds. Actually, Shawn was amusing here but that was all.


Final Thoughts: Well, the brand new Action Zone is essentially a modern format of the show it replaced, “All-American Wrestling.” Also, when Action Zone was starting it was taking a shot at the lame NFL pregame show that took over their time slots in certain syndicated markets and now they have some version of that here with lots of hype for RAW and other shows to go along with quick video recaps of segments. Dok was more subdued here and not playing a heel this time as well. This version was pre-empted in the USA due to the US Open thus did not have the Bret Hart vs. Waylon Mercy match. Overall, its not like Action Zone was setting the world on fire and this did touch upon the key points easier than straight replays but the other added segments weren’t too great.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Tuesday: WWF Monday Night RAW 9/11/95

Wednesday: WWF Superstars 9/16/95

Thursday: WWF Monday Night RAW 9/18/95

Friday: WWF Superstars 9/23/95

Saturday: WWF In Your House 3 9/24/95

Sunday: WWF Monday Night RAW 9/25/95

Monday: WWF Superstars 9/30/95