Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Happy Tax Day if you are here in the United States. I hope everyone has had a good day and if you haven’t filed already, make sure to file those taxes before midnight. Don’t be a tax cheat or Mike Rotunda will come by your house and chastise you.

Both Scott’s and Thomas’ reviews of Wrestlemania Backlash are up. I thought the heavyweight title matches were both excellent and the two women’s matches along with the tag match anywhere from inoffensive-to-decent. Of course the zombie junk will get more attention than what was warranted, but that’s life.

RAW will have the fallout from last night.

Three NHL playoff games tonight and a full slate of MLB. NBA is off until tomorrow.

Something for you to ponder: What was a five-star match (or close to it) that you had no real expectations for and it shocked the hell out of you? For me its the Ambrose/Rollins vs. Drew/Ziggler match at 2018 Hell in a Cell. Sure I figured it was going to be a decent by-the-numbers match but not a five-star classic. Answers appreciated.

And for your match of the week.

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