Wrestlers in Hollywood

Hey Scott,
1) Which is the best actor: Cena, Hogan, Batista, or Rock?
2) What is the best movie starring a wrestler (no cameos or very minor roles so no Endgame or Godfather or Spiderman)? My choice Princess Bride
3) Who currently in WWE or AEW would have the best chance of being the next Hollywood star?
4) Can Cena reach Rock levels of popularity in Hollywood? He will be in Fast 9 and Suicide Squad this year and is currently hosting Wipeout. I think right now he in the Batista tier right now of well-known actor but cannot carry a movie on his name alone.

1.  Rock is the best at everything.
2. Was Andre really STARRING in that one?  What about that Mortal Kombat movie starring the Miz as Johnny Cage?  OH WAIT THAT NEVER HAPPENED.
3.  MJF.  
4.  I don't think he can reach that level but he's at a pretty damn good level for someone who got into it late and isn't really a trained actor like Rock was.