Nick Gage

Hey Scott,

The wrestling industry has no shortage of troubled souls and those of questionable character, and it’s basically the foundation for Dark Side of the Ring. I’ve always enjoyed digging deeper into these people through documentaries to gain empathy and better understand their lives. New Jack as an example, and RIP to the man, was crazy but aware of his craziness and it was just entertaining to dive into him.

Normally, I walk away feeling a bit sad for the person, or disappointed that they couldn’t get their life on track. But I did not feel that at all with Nick Gage, coming into this doc with little insight on him. Instead I left it feeling he may be the most despicable performer I’ve ever seen associated with the business, and just kind of a bad person all around. This includes those closely associated with him.

I really disliked this effort by DSOTR for many reasons. Am I being too harsh or is this guy just an all-timer of a dirt bag professional wrestler?  (I use term loosely with him, BTW)



Well I don’t have any experience with Nick Gage but now I kind of want to watch the episode!