WWF Monday Night RAW – August 21st, 1995


August 21, 1995

From the Worcester Centrum in Worcester, MA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Show starts off with a video from this past weekend’s “Superstars” where Kama destroyed one of the Creatures of the Night, leading to WWF Interim President Gorilla Monsoon making the Undertaker vs. Kama match at SummerSlam a casket match. We then hear from Undertaker and Tatanka to hype up their match for tonight.

The hosts run down the show that also includes an interview with Diesel tonight.


Men on a Mission vs. Roy Raymond & Joe Hancock

King Mabel is rightuflly carried out on his royal throne. MoM attack their opponents from behind. Mabel then beats on Hancock in the corner as Vince marvels over Mabel’s size. The announcers talk about Diesel being able to jackknife Mabel at SummerSlam as Hancock gets dropped after a lifting choke hold. Sir Mo taunts the crowd then tags in as MoM hits a double clothesline. Mo press slams Hancock and nearly drops him in the process as MoM stays in control as Vince says the winner of the Intercontinental Title match at SummerSlam will face Sid on the 9/11 edition of RAW as RAW will be pre-empted the next two weeks due to the US Open. Mabel hits Hancock with a piledriver and taunts the crowd then Hancock apparently tags out as Raymond attacks from behind. Mabel quickly beats down Raymond and MoM uses an assisted avalanche then Mo heads up top with an elbow and yanks up Raymond before the three count. Mabel tags back in as we get a “Diesel” chant from the crowd and hits a belly-to-belly suplex for the win (3:48).

Thoughts: A long squash win to showcase Mabel and for the announcers to hype up the World Title match at SummerSlam.


After the match, Mabel puts on the crowd and grabs a mic. He yells at the crowd to shut up then says while Diesel is champion, he is the king and along with Sir Mo he’s part of the greatest team ever. Mabel then calls out the Allied Powers to get in the ring for another tune up match for tonight. He then says just as he expected they didn’t come out and ends by saying “long live the king.” Vince says if the Powers were here they would come out and will likely accept any challenge.


The Report Card with Dean Douglas. He’s back in the control center which he refers to as his “satellite classroom.” He goes over the previous match and defines the word “dominate” as he shows us Mabel dominating his opponent and how prepared he is to face Diesel at SummerSlam. Douglas then gives Mabel a “NC” grade that means “New Champion” which Mabel will become at SummerSlam. Douglas then rakes his nails across the chalkboard and says for Diesel it will be class dismissed. Lame as fuck.


The announcers plug Vince’s chat on America Online after the show. More on that in my final thoughts.


We get a hype video for Sid and his Intercontinental Title match on the 9/11 edition of RAW.


1-2-3 Kid vs. Brooklyn Brawler

Brawler attacks Kid on the floor. Brawler shoves Kid back inside as the announcers talk about Kid vs. Hakushi at SummerSlam. Brawler ducks a crossbody then drops Kid throat-first across the top rope. Lawler brings up Mike Tyson imemdiately knocking out Peter McNeely as Vince chimes in no “rip offs” at SummerSlam and we are guaranteed three hours of action. Brawler continues to rough up Kid as Vince is waiting to hear from the Allied Powers. Kid fights back and lands several kicks in the corner then hits a spinning heel kick in the corner before the Oklahoma roll gets the win (1:33). After the match, Lawler busts out the Royal Magistrator to draw pimples on Kid then we see Vince use a Stridex pad on the screen to wipe them away in a sponsor plug segment.

Thoughts: Some brief hype for Kid/Hakushi at SummerSlam plus Vince promising the fans they will not get ripped off like those who purchased the Tyson/McNeely fight. Or like how they got ripped off by purchasing King of the Ring.


Another replay of Henry Godwinn slopping Ted DiBiase last week on RAW. They are certainly getting a lot of mileage out of this clip.


Barry Didinsky is in the aisle sporting the new Undertaker t-shirt that you can buy for $16.00 plus $3.95 shipping & handling.


Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer

Undertaker immediately attacks Tatanka. He takes him down with a mat slam as the announcers talk about Undertaker’s anger over what Kama did to the Creatures of the Night. Undertaker works the arm and hits his ropewalk attack but Tatanka cheap shots in the corner. Undertaker sits up and blocks a punch and fires away then Tatanka seemed to not be sure of hitting a back drop or a Samoan drop and somehow does a combo of both before stomping away. The announcers talk about Undertaker not being the same without his urn as Tatanka applies a chin lock. Lawler now makes Jerry Garcia jokes as Vince acts disgusted while Tatanka maintains the chin lock. Undertaker breaks out with a back suplex then catches Tatanka with a big boot before hitting a clothesline. We go to break and return with Tatanka firing away. Undertaker comes back with a clothesline as DiBiase is not too pleased. Tatanka escapes from a Tombstone attempt and clotheslines Undertaker. Tatanka misses a clothesline and gets hit with a chokeslam. Undertaker signals the end and hits the Tombstone for the win (6:42 shown) *3/4.

Thoughts: A showcase win for Undertaker as he heads into his casket match at SummerSlam. And surprisingly it did not suck considering heel Tatanka was invloved. Also we get to see Undertaker get some revenge on The Corporation as part of this never ending feud.


SummerSlam Insider with Todd Pettengill. We get a vignette here where someone calls Dr. Isaac Yankem’s office and the answering machine picks up to say that Yankem is out of the office this Sunday at SummerSlam and will return. It even has a drill sound instead of a beep. This is followed by some corny Bret promo. We also hear from Men on a Mission as they are still calling out the Allied Powers for a tune up match.


We now get a vignette to hype the New WWF Fall Season. Its a trivia show called “Tee Vee Trivia” where “Monday Night RAW” is the correct answer for every question. They are strongly pushing this new season as they try to combat the start of WCW Nitro, the new WCW Monday night show that will air live weekly.


Jean Pierre Lafitte vs. Scott Taylor

Lafitte immediately attacks Taylor and chops away in the corner. Vince refers to Lafitte as a “thief” as Taylor comes back with a pair of dropkicks then a flying body press for a nearfall. Lafitte blocks a dropkick in an awkward spot where it appeared they were going for Lafitte catching him with a powerbomb. Vince plugs the Superstar Line and you can hear why Ernie Ladd has been spending time with Men on a Mission. Lafitte stomps away then hits a slam and a flying splash as Vince talks about Lafitte stealing Bret Hart related items. Lafitte ties Taylor in the ropes and fires away before hitting a pair of crossbody blocks then lays a pirate flag across of Taylor before hitting the cannonball for the win (3:06). After the match, Lafitte screams into the camera.

Thoughts: They are getting over the Lafitte stealing gimmick here as he is being groomed for something with Bret, likely after SummerSlam.


We get another Goldust vignette. This time he is in front of a green screen with the Hollywood sign as a backgroiund. He talks about the “Heartbreak Kid” finally witnessing the presence of a real star and that a permanent vacancy will take place at the Heartbreak Hotel before ending with “hasta la vista” baby. This was brief but effective as its clear they are aiming at a Goldust/Shawn feud at some point.


Lawler talks about the internet “lighting up” after Goldust’s appearance last week and how it will do the same after Vince’s AOL interview. Acknowledging the internet positively in 1995. How that tune would change over the years.


Vince is in the ring and welcomes Diesel. Diesel says he is ready for King Mabel because he was born ready. Diesel says that King Mabel winning the crown as gone to his head but you cannot deny that Mabel has kicked it up a notch since the win. Diesel talks about beating Sir Mo and thankful about Shawn Michaels having his back. Vince says that many people feel he will not be able to jackknife Mabel. Diesel knows Mabel is somewhere thinking that same thing and we will find out at SummerSlam. Diesel then says when the dust clears and sweat dries, the WWF will still be running on Diesel Power. However, we now see British Bulldog enter the ring by himself. Bulldog wishes Diesel luck at SummerSlam but that his partner, Lex Luger, had to leave back to Atlanta for a medical emergency and needs a partner to face Men on a Mission. Bulldog asks the crowd if they want to see him team with Diesel tonight and see Diesel get his hands on Mabel before SummerSlam. Diesel shakes his hand and says that Bulldog just made his day. Diesel’s interview was corny but with it already being stated on TV during the Live Event News segments that Bulldog walked out on Luger and then offered an apology that did not seem the most sincere you can tell something is up here.


Diesel & British Bulldog vs. Men on a Mission

Vince says hopefully next week we can get an update on Luger’s medical emergency. Diesel wants Mabel but its Mo who starts off for his team. Bulldog does some cheerleading from the apron as Diesel beats on Mo. Diesel continues to work over Mo and drops him with a big boot and signals for the jackknife as Bulldog does some over the top corny celebrating. Mo rolls outside and Mabel enters the ring but Bulldog goes into the corner and attacks Diesel from behind as Mabel catches Diesel with a sidewalk slam as the match is now a no contest (2:01). The crowd boos as Vince is appalled then Mabel holds up Diesel for Bulldog, who yells and slaps Diesel across of the face. We now see Jim Cornette on the apron smiling with the WWF World Title belt in his hand as Mo runs off the referees that came into the ring. Bulldog then hits Diesel with a running powerslam and Mabel hits a leg drop. Mabel then celebrates by lifting up Bulldog as Cornette also celebrates with the announcers at a loss as to what has happened. Diesel gets hit with another leg drop as Vince screams about Bulldog planning this the entire time with Mabel & Mo. Bulldog walks off with Cornette and Lawler follows them to try and get some words as Vince screams about Shawn not being here, either.

Thoughts: We had the expected turn by Bulldog but it turned out to be on Diesel and not Luger as you would have likely predicted. Luger was just an afterthought here and its clear they moved on from him (and that Luger moved on from them as we would later learn) and I’ll tackle more about that in the final thoughts. The turn worked out well and with Cornette appearing likely as the mastermind that Bulldog will be his newest client. It gives Bulldog something to do instead of the dead-end team like the Allied Powers. Also sets up Diesel with a feud after SummerSlam.


Back from break, the crowd cheers as Diesel gets to his feet and incredibly pissed off. As he should be.


We go split screen to backstage as Mabel has the World Title belt. Lawler congratulates Bulldog for turning on Diesel as Mo talks about this all being part of the Royal Plan. Mabel then says the belt will go from his shoulder to his waist at SummerSlam.


We get a replay of Bulldog turning on Diesel and helping Mabel attack afterwards.


Vince hypes the IC Title match when RAW returns on 9/11.


Final Thoughts: This show was more action packed than the typical last-minute PPV hype deals. The Bulldog turn was performed well and they are tipping their hand at the post-PPV direction. Plus, they are making the next show a must-see deal with the IC Title match and it will be the first RAW show with direct head-to-head competition from WCW. The new Fall season push has been strong on TV the past week.

Now, the two items I promised to touch upon. In the 8/28 edition of the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” Dave Meltzer reported that Luger’s friend, Sting, was making a play to get Luger back in WCW (he was on a per appearance deal at this time with WWF as his original contract had expired). However, Meltzer also reported WCW was only offering Luger at this $1,000 per match without a guaranteed amount of dates. Meltzer also reported at this time Luger’s contract was expiring in Mid-October but that was not the case. In his “Something to Wrestle With” podcast, Bruce Prichard said that at this time, Luger was hesitant about signing a new deal with WWF and as a result, Prichard did not want to include him in the new RAW opening they were shooting for the Fall season premiere. More on this as the timeline develops.

And next was Vince’s AOL interview. Here are some of the highlights and analysis that Wade Keller from the “Pro Wrestling Torch” published:

-On how he came up with the Golddust character: “I hadn’t had any sleep for 48 hours and had an extra dose of caffeine. It came to me in a vision. Gold is also one of my favorite colors.”

On whether he talked to Ted Turner about doing a supercard with WCW: “I never talked to Ted Turner, but I talked with Bill Shaw about it. Mr. Shaw said I would be a moron if I didn’t accept his invitation. Since that time I often sit in the corner with a dunce cap on babbling to myself.”

-On WCW saying the new giant is Andre the Giant’s son: “Andre never had a son. This just seems to be one more fraud perpetrated by the WCW.”

-On ECW: “I believe the ECW style is deplorable where their use of violence is concerned. That’s not to say that some things aren’t done well at ECW and the WWF couldn’t learn from them. But everyone with the WWF deplores the violence that is typical of ECW.”

-On Adam Bomb’s departure: “Adam Bomb has elected to stay at home and support his fiance. Mr. Bomb’s desire apparently has fizzled.”

He said that since he couldn’t say anything nice about Hulk Hogan, he wouldn’t say anything at all. He said Bruno Sammartino would be inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame in the future. He said that Pedro Morales being inducted while he worked for WCW is proof they will induct someone who is working elsewhere. When asked if he ever would wrestle, he said he turns 50 on Thursday and although he had amateur background, he was “never big enough or bad enough to be a WWF wrestler.” When asked about Jarrett and Roadie, he simply said they “breached their contract.”

At times McMahon was flippant in answering questions. The questions he answered were filtered through the system before being posted. The session began with around 600 people and peaked about 15 minutes into it with over 1,200. He kept more than 1,000 until the end of the 50 minute session. Most comments from fans were negative; they seemed to be looking for more insider comments and more detailed answers.


And more interesting times are ahead for sure.


Later on this evening is my recap of the 8/26 edition of “Superstars.”