You hit the nail on the head yesterday when you said, “from his perspective he makes billions now off TV rights so why does he even need a boom period?” At the end of the day the WWE's goal  is to make money and to do that their business model has changed.
Like it or not we are not the WWE's target audience anymore. I don't love it but I'm not going to resent them for it either.

The thing is that they make so much goddamn money and have so much content that they need to produce that there's no literally no excuse to NOT produce the kind of content that niche audiences like us want to see.  That's what is most frustrating about it.  Like really, they can't do their stupid fan surveys to find out what we want, and then turn Main Event or 205 Live into that?  Instead we have to have 14 carbon copies of whatever Vince's vision of RAW is every week, including another whole brand where they train people to be like everyone else on RAW and horde indie talent and make them work WWE style as well.  That's what is so irritating about the whole process.