WWF Valleyfield, Quebec – August 16th, 1995

August 16, 1995

From some undisclosed location in Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada

This is a fan-cam recording thus no commentary

Waylon Mercy vs. Bob Holly

This is joined in progress. We see Mercy on the mat with Holly then Holly starts working the leg. Mercy cheap shots Holly and takes control but Holly fights back and hits a dropkick for two. Holly then bounces off of the ropes but Mercy catches him with a sleeper and gets the win. Almost six minutes shown here and it was not particularly exciting.


WWF Women’s Title Match: Bertha Faye vs. Alundra Blayze

Good reaction here for Blayze. The crowd also plays along and boos Faye when she poses and cheers for Blayze. Faye wants the ref to check her ass after she rammed the corner. Faye now yells at the ref then taunts the crowd but Blayze has had enough of the stalling and yanks her down. Faye continues to pace around then cheap shots Blayze but is taken down with a crucifix for a two count. Blayze kicks Faye against the ropes but Faye comes back to run her down a few times. Faye taunts the crowd before knocking Blayze back down to the mat. Faye now puts Blayze in a surfboard as the crowd rallies behind Blayze. Faye breaks the hold and slams Blayze then drops a leg for a two count. Another slam by Faye but this time she misses a splash from the middle rope then Blayze comes back with a victory roll for a two count. Blayze tries for a piledriver but Faye blocks and finally takes Blayze over with a back drop. Faye hits an avalanche but misses a second attempt. Blayze then tries a slam and Faye blocks that and hits a slam of her own. Faye then hits a release double underhook suplex and apparently trips over herself and falls to the delight of the crowd. Blayze comes back with a clothesline then a dropkick but gets tossed off of the top rope but ducks an attack and takes Faye down with a hurricarana and gets the win with a fast count by the referee (6:24) *1/2.

Thoughts: Not much here with lots of clowning around and a finish that looked like shit. Some of the work in the middle was good enough though and for two women that have not been on TV in months the crowd was into the action.


Jacob & Eli Blu vs. Billy Gunn & Henry Godwinn

Bart is out with an ankle injury so they did a bit here where Billy came out separately to tell the ring announcer Bart was not there then ran back and came out with Godwinn. Billy starts off for his team against Eli. Jacob & Eli get the best of Billy to start. Billy finally fights back and works the arm until Jacob & Eli run interference. Jacob & Eli then hit Billy with the H-Bomb and cover for a two count after Jacob took his time. Jacob & Eli continue to cut the ring in half as the crowd is behind Billy. We see Billy get booted outside then eventually gets back in and beaten down. Billy eventually fights out of a chin lock then avoids an attack and hits a clothesline as both men are down. Eli tags in but Billy yanks him down as both men are down and this time Billy is able to tag out. Godwinn fires away and runs wild on both men and hits a Slop Drop on I believe Eli for the win (8:43) *1/2.

Thoughts: Basic match here as if you couldn’t tell from RAW they are going with Godwinn as a babyface. Jacob & Eli seemed to do more than usual in the ring but they took 95% of the offense and jobbed quickly when Godwinn tagged in and ran wild.


Bob Backlund vs. Aldo Montoya

Backlund stalls and screams at the crowd instead of locking up. Montoya then avoids Backlund and pumps up the crowd before entering the ring. Two minutes in and still no contact as the crowd starts to get restless, with the guy behind the camera saying “this sucks.” Backlund goes out to yell at fans as at the three minute mark we finally see Montoya take Backlund down with an arm drag. Backlund bails and takes umbrage with the fans before finally going back into the ring. Backlund celebrates after taking down Montoya then crawls around on the mat but unable to take down Montoya. Montoya takes Backlund down with a pair of arm drags as Backlund rolls outside once again then slowly rolls back inside and we get more stalling. Montoya works a side headlock now then runs over Backlund in a spot that looked horrendous. Montoya energizes the crowd with a headlock takeover and works that for a bit as Backlund tries to escape. They fight over a wrist lock as someone blocks the camera then we still see the wrist lock until Montoya brings Backlund down with a side headlock. We have hit the ten minnute mark and have seen by my score: 5 arm drags, 2 side headlocks, and a wrist lock. Backlund takes Montoya down with a drop toe hold then works a side headlock of his own but Montoya reverses. Montoya still has the side headlock and that lasts until Backlund breaks that up with a back suplex. Both men are down then Backlund misses an elbow drop and Montoya goes right back to the chin lock as you can just see people allover the camera view leave their seats. Montoya switches to the dreaded side headlock and holds on to that for dear life. We’ve now reached the 15-minute mark as this crowd is just dead as Backlund breaks the hold by sitting in the ropes. Backlund then trips for comedic purposes and Montoya takes him down with another side headlock as the crowd rightfully boos the repetitiveness of this match. Backlund reverses and puts Montoya in a headscissors on the mat and works that for a while as the crowd boos. Montoya escapes then Backlund rolls outside and plays around on the apron so Montoya drags him back in with a side headlock and works that on the mat as the crowd boos. Backlund escapes and uses a boot scrape then Montoya uses a small package for a two count as we’ve now reached the 20-minute mark of the match. Backlund rakes the eyes then starts working the arm as the past fifteen minutes of side headlocks have not effected him that much at all. Backlund works an armbar on the mat then kicks the leg for a bit. Backlund now rams Montoya’s arm off of the turnbuckle and works another arm bar on the mat. Backlund attacks the arm some more then goes back to the armbar on the mat. Backlund then stalks Montoya for the crossface chicken wing but Montoya catches him with a reverse rollup for a two count. Montoya rolls outside for a breather then returns and has Backlund go back to work on the arm. Montoya starts to fight back and takes Backlund down with a double chop for a two count. Montoya lands mounted punches in the corner then fires away but Backlund does a go-behind and puts Montoya in the crossface chicken wing for the win (23:22) -****. The crowd seems relieved this is over as Backlund taunts them from the ramp until Montoya chases him backstage.

Thoughts: Whose cruel idea of a joke was this? My god this was absolute trash. Laying on the mat with zero sense or urgency the entire time for over 23 minutes? Nothing looked like it remotely hurt either and practically every single non rest spot was botched. Backlund put on what has to be the worst performance of his career to the point he might have intentionally sandbagged Montoya here. This crowd was pretty much into everything and absolutely turned on both guys here. People off camera was calling this the worst match they’ve ever seen and who can dispute that claim. I don’t know if this was a case where Backlund didn’t want to bump for Montoya’s typical offense and this was the result or not but 23 minutes of this shit makes it worse than the atrocity at MSG where Backlund faced off against Man Mountain Rock. Whatever agent called the shots here trolled the fans with this match. I’d say the worst fan-cam match of all-time.


Skip w/ Sunny vs. Jean Pierre Lafitte

Here in Quebec, Lafitte is the face and gets a great reaction. Skip does push-ups after a scoop slam then does some jumping jacks but Lafitte takes him down with a few arm drags and dumps him outside as the crowd goes apeshit. Skip heads back in and gets knocked through the ropes after an Irish whip sequence. Lafitte slingshots Skip back inside but gets cheap-shotted in the corner. Skip hammers away but misses a charge and Pierre works the arm on the mat. Skip slams Lafitte but misses an elbow and Lafitte goes back to the arm. Sunny trips up Lafitte then Lafitte is dumped outside as Skip taunts the crowd. Skip takes Lafitte down with a baseball side then rams him into the steps as I couldn’t see what happened but definitely heard. Back inside, Skip hits a suplex then a leg drop for a two count. The crowd is firmly behind Lafitte, who fights out of a chin lock only to run into a knee smash. Skip gets two off of a scoop slam then goes back to the chin lock. Skip stays in control then heads up top where he hits a leg drop but that only gets two. Lafitte surprises Skip with a rollup for two then tosses him outside. Lafitte tries to suplex Skip back in from the apron but Skip falls on top for a two count. Skip goes back up top and misses a diving headbutt as both men are down. Lafitte is up first and runs wild then he ties Skip in the ropes and hits a pair of crossbody blocks as the crowd is ballistic. Lafitte then plays to the crowd for a bit and goes outside to back Sunny away. He heads back in and climbs up top but Skip shakes the ropes. However, Lafitte shoves off Skip then hits the cannonball for the win (11:40) **3/4.

Thoughts: Easily the best thing on the show. Lafitte came off like a superstar to this crowd and both guys worked hard. Lafitte was being groomed for a feud with Bret and Skip can’t put away Barry Horowitz so the outcome was not a shock.


Casket Match: Kama vs. Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer

With WWE running the “A” show in ME, DiBiase was not present here. The casket is next to the ring apron so you can shove your opponent out of the ring into the casket. Undertaker immediately boots Kama to start then uses throat thrusts in the corner before trying to toss him over the top rope into the casket but Kama holds on. Kama returns and gets clotheslined then Undertaker hits the ropewalk attack. Undertaker now chokes out Kama in the corner. Kama comes back with a knee smash then a suplex but Undertaker sits right up and hits a throat thrust. Kama drops Undertaker with a clothesline and stomps away then tries to shove Undertaker into the casket. Undertaker fights back but Kama knocks him down and attacks. Kama tosses Undertaker outside of the ring on the opposite side where the casket was parked but Undertaker takes him over to the casket and slams his head. Undertaker beats on Kama but Kama fights back and closes the door on Undertaker’s head then walks over to taunt the fans as Undertaker rolls back into the ring. Kama beats on Undertaker then puts him in a chin lock with his feet on the ropes for leverage. The crowd chants “rest in peace” as Kama maintains the chin lock. Undertaker finally breaks this with a back suplex but Kama whips him into the corner. Undertaker catches Kama with a boot to the face then hits a clothesline and tries to dump Kama into the casket and they both spill over onto the apron. They’re back in the ring where Kama hits a piledriver then rolls Undertaker into the casket. Kama heads out to shut the lid but Undertaker fights back then they go back in where Undertaker hits a chokeslam then waits a bit and hits a tombstone then finally dumps him inside for the win (13:29) *1/2.

Thoughts: A slow, lumbering match but they had a little bit of drama with the casket spots until the finish. And the crowd was into Undertaker and happy with the result, which is what they deserve after being subjected to the Backlund/Montoya match.


Final Thoughts: Lafitte/Skip was good, Backlund/Montoya one of the worst things I’ve ever seen, and the rest completely forgettable making this a show you never need to see and an example of how poor the roster depth was at the time.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Wednesday: WWF Superstars 8/19/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/20/95

Thursday: WWF Monday Night RAW 8/21/95, WWF Superstars 8/26/95

Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/27/95, WWF Action Zone 8/27/95

Saturday: WWF 1995 SummerSlam 8/27/95

Sunday: WWF Superstars 9/2/95, WWF Action Zone 9/3/95

Monday: WWF Superstars 9/9/95, WWF Action Zone 9/10/95

Tuesday: WWF Monday Night RAW 9/11/95