Some quick-hitters

Self-explanatory topic.  Be as brusque with the replies as your heart desires:

1) Approximately when did the WWF split its house show business into various tiers (A,B,C, etc.)?  Were they doing it during the Vince Sr. WWWF days, or did it start after the national expansion?

2) Is the primary purpose of stipulation matches (escape rules cage matches, “four corners” strap matches, Last Man Standing, etc.) to prevent people from having to take actual falls (submission/I Quit and Texas Death matches being obvious exceptions)?

3) Did Bret pour an oil slick into his hair to get it so greasy, or did he just never wash it?

4) Does Hogan become Hogan without the mustache?

1.  That was an innovation of the Hulkamania era so they could get double the touring revenue.  
2.  Yup.  That’s why the WWE style of cage match was invented.  
3.  I haven’t asked him lately. 
4.  Well Bradshaw had the moustache and he didn’t get over, so I’d say yes.