WWF Monday Night RAW – August 14th, 1995

August 14, 1995

From the Worcester Centrum in Worcester, MA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Ted DiBiase

We start off with a video package to hype tonight’s Shawn Michaels vs. Lawler match followed by comments from Lawler himself.


DiBiase rants over Sid getting screwed out of the Intercontinental Title match and blames Interim President Gorilla Monsoon.


Doink the Clown vs. Waylon Mercy

No Dink as he was already cut. And Doink is about to be cut. DiBiase talks about how angry Sid is at the moment as Mercy shakes the ref’s hand. He offers Doink a shake but Doink takes his hand back and uses a few arm drags. Mercy rolls outside and takes a breather as Vince tells us that Henry Godwinn will be in action tonight and notes he is a member of The Corporation but DiBiase said there is no way Godwinn would be a member of his Corporation and only hired a “dirty man” to do a “dirty job.” Mercy takes Doink outside then holds the bottom rope open for him and snaps it on his back. DiBiase laughs about loving to hire cheap labor as Doink fires away in the corner but Mercy decks him with a cheap shot and follows with a clothesline. Mercy kicks away as DiBiase is insulted over Vince suggesting he would employ Godwinn as Mercy puts Doink away with the sleeper as the front few rows are chanting “kill the clown” (3:05). 1/4*. Vince tells us that Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Smoking Gunns are also in action tonight plus a report card by Dean Douglas.

Thoughts: Basically a squash win for Mercy but the action was not good whatsoever. On commentary, they really had DiBiase push that Godwinn was not good enough for his Corporation and only acceptable as cheap labor. And with Ross on commentary last week saying that Godwinn was waiting for DiBiase to make him a member expect a confrontation of some sort to take place.


And now, the first actual vignette showing Goldust. We see a man wearing all gold, including face paint, and a blond wig in front of a green screen displaying Warner Bros. Studios. He talks about Hollywood as a place featuring the rich and famous. He does speak softly. A place in a corner of the world where dreams are made and lives are shattered. Goldust said many have succeeded and lists off famous actors and actresses, like is favorite Marilyn Monroe. However, they are not a legend like himself as he was born a star. Goldust inhales before saying his name and occasionally twirls his hair then talks about beating Diesel and having the gold around his waist. He says that will be bigger than the Oscars then blows a kiss into the camera. Wow, this was something we’ve never seen in the WWF. And Goldust is played by Dustin Rhodes here, who was at one point rumored to play a “gunslinger” character when he signed. According to Bruce Prichard, the Goldust gimmick came about due to Dustin’s father Dusty’s love of movies and how they wanted to play off of the Dustin name during their initial meeting. Dustin was receptive and they built ideas from there. Prichard said that having his whole body in gold was Vince’s idea as the actual Goldust name with Vince keep telling Dustin this character was meant to be androgynous. In his own book “Cross Rhodes: Goldust, Out of the Darkness,” Dustin said he was a bit worried how this character would be received but also saw it as a way to step out of his estranged father’s shadow. Speaking of Dusty, Prichard said that he did speak with Dusty to clear the character with him and Dusty apparently gave them his blessing. In the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” Dave Meltzer noted how while this vignette was well produced and will likely get heat at the beginning, it could become a stigma for his entire career if it does not get over. He even gave it a 90% chance of failure. And speaking of the vignette itself, according to Prichard it was written and produced by Vince Russo. Per Goldust in his shoot interview with RF Video, he was called up by Vince a few weeks after reaching out to the WWF for work and presented with the character. He also said he was the one behind face paint but Vince created the Hollywood background. Dustin said there were not many people saying not to do the gimmick but at the same time was at home for several months away from people. Dustin also said he was a little hesitant and did not want to go the “gay” route with it but over time was able to make it work out.


An angry Henry Godwinn heads down to the ring, slop bucket in hand, and confronts DiBiase. Godwinn keeps yelling at DiBiase to get on his knees as he threatens to slop DiBiase and wants him to squeal like a pig. DiBiase tries to plead with Godwinn but ends up getting slopped anyway. So we’ve now started a Henry Godwinn face turn.


Back from break and we get slo-mo replays of DiBiase getting slopped from two different camera angles. Dok Hendrix has now replaced DiBiase as color commentator.


Smoking Gunns vs. Bill Garrett & Cody Wade

Dok talks about the Gunns vs. Jacob & Eli Blu match at SummerSlam. Bart starts off with Garrett, who is a short, wide dude with the word “Engine” on the back of his singlet. Garrett is unable to even get over for a hip toss as Vince says that he weighs “a ton.” Wade tags in and jiggles his ass as the back of his singlet reads “Caboose” then the Gunns put him away with the Sidewinder (1:36).

Thoughts: I have no earthly idea where they found the two enhancement guys from but Vince seemed annoyed by them. The Gunns are continue to aimlessly wander through the middle of the tag team division.


The Report Card with Dean Douglas. We once again hear the noise of the class as Douglas breaks that up by raking his fingernails across the chalkboard. Today’s lesson is execution as Douglas defines the word then shows us a clip of the excellence of execution as Bret was on the top rope with his opponent on the mat as he drops an elbow. Douglas said this was an act of cowardice and still fails to “grapevine” his opponents’ legs then argues with the referee and this leads to Bret’s grade, which is an “F.” Douglas then says Bret’s new nickname should be the “Foundation of Failure” as this segment finally ends. Just the absolute shits. No other way to put it and why anyone would care about this is beyond me.


Vince interviews Shawn, who is backstage. We hear Shawn use some lame insults to describe Mabel and Lawler then calls all of the king’s horses and men cannot stop him from gyrating again.


A hype video for next week’s Undertaker vs. Tatanka match.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Jeff Hardy

Vince believes that Helmsley is disgusted by the smell of the slop from earlier. Hardy takes Helmsley down with an arm drag as the announcers talk about Hardy’s attire with Dok working in a Partridge Family reference. Hardy dropkicks Helmsley and fires away but whiffs on a tumbleweed as Helmsley now stomps away and soon after that hits the Pedigree for the win (2:08). Dok then hopes that Bob Holly is paying attention for his match at SummerSlam against Helmsley.

Thoughts: Decent action as Jeff did some good stuff here but Helmsley gets the win as they pushed his undefeated record heading into SummerSlam against Bob Holly.


SummerSlam Insider with Todd Pettengill. Sponsored by Stridex. Pettengill wearing a more traditional suit here. We learn there that Barry Horowitz vs. Skip has been added to SummerSlam as well as 1-2-3 Kid vs. Hakushi. Pettengill stresses that Gorilla is running the Presidency just like a fan with these exciting matches. Both of those matches should at least be solid in the ring. And, after all of these years, Horowitz gets a PPV match.


Vince talks about the WrestleMania Special airing this Fall on Broadcast TV. It was supposed to happen a couple of months ago on NBC but they pulled the plug a week prior so now Fox will broadcast the hour-long special. The Fox Network was not brought up by name here, however.

Henry Godwinn vs. Russ Greenberg

We get this joined-in progress as Vince says Greenberg tried a sneak attack before the break. Godwinn is beating on Greenberg and puts him away with the slop drop (0:52). After the match, Godwinn raises his slop bucket and dumps it on Greenberg, who was laying on the mat.

Thoughts: They’re really getting the slop bucket over tonight as it seems like it will be a common post-match occurrence now that Godwinn will be a face.


Back to Dr. Isaac Yankem’s dentist office as he is drilling on a woman patient who keeps screaming. Lawler is there and talkin about what Yankem will do to Bret Hart at SummerSlam. These vignettes are all the same.


Before the Intercontinental Title match, we are shown Savio Vega and the 1-2-3 Kid playing Mad Caps backstage as Barry Didinsky sells us the sheet with all the extra stuff added.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Shawn Michaels (c)

Shawn slides underneath Lawler then trips him up from the outside and runs up the aisle to slap hands with some fans. Lawler is pissed then Shawn returns and takes him down again. Shawn plays to the fans and gets them to chant “Burger King” as Lawler yells at them to shut up. Lawler tries a cheap shot, yelling out “here’s a Whopper for you” but Shawn ducks and decks Lawler. Shawn uses a back drop and tries a second attempt but Lawler goes for a piledriver. Shawn lands on his hands with his head avoiding the mat but gets distracted as Sid is outside holding his Intercontinental Title belt. Lawler tosses Shawn outside as we go to break. We return as Lawler hits a vertical suplex then a fist drop before taunting the fans. Lawler then hits a DDT but gloats instead of covering and starts taunting the crowd again. He then covers for two as Sid yelled something at him. Lawler heads up top after a scoop slam as Vince thinks Shawn is not healed from last week but Shawn avoids the fist drop then kips up and fires away. Shawn runs wild and hits a flying elbow drop before knocking Lawler outside with a super kick but then Sid runs in to try an attack and the ref rings the bell for a DQ (6:05 shown) **1/4. Shawn tries a back drop on Sid but gets booted in the face. Sid kicks Shawn in the ribs as the bell keeps ringing then he drops Shawn with a chokeslam. Razor Ramon runs out to save Shawn from a powerbomb as Dok said Razor should have let Shawn get attacked. Shawn gets up and sets up a super kick but Razor tosses him aside and goes for the Razor’s Edge until Lawler makes the save. Lawler leaves with Sid then Razor holds up the Intercontinental Title belt and the two have a tug-of-war as Razor ends up with the belt then we see Diesel run out to play peace maker as the show ends with Razor having tossed the belt at Shawn’s feet.

Thoughts: A decent enough TV main event which played out like an abbreviated version of a house show match in the ring. The end was the best part probably since like at MSG two days prior, they built tension between Razor and Shawn leading to their ladder match. Razor displayed some heel tendencies here. With Sid, he looked like anything but a threat and Wade Keller of the “Pro Wrestling Torch” reported that “inside sources” told him that the company switched him from this title match at SummerSlam because they felt he was going to use his neck injury as a way to get out of the match as to not put over Shawn. And as you can see here and in the months to come he would be significantly downplayed as a threat.


Final Thoughts: Less emphasis on the in-ring work and more on the character development than usual this week. Some of it worked and some did not as these Dean Douglas vignettes remain pitiful. Even Douglas himself in an interview with Hannibal TV admitted he felt like he made a mistake signing with WWF two weeks into this character and tough to disagree with what we have seen so far. SummerSlam is now just less than two weeks away and the top matches are not exactly built up to perfection here but at least some decent matches on paper have been added to the undercard.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Tuesday: WWF Valleyfield, Quebec (Fan-Cam House Show) 8/16/95

Wednesday: WWF Superstars 8/19/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/20/95

Thursday: WWF Monday Night RAW 8/21/95, WWF Superstars 8/26/95

Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/27/95, WWF Action Zone 8/27/95

Saturday: WWF 1995 SummerSlam 8/27/95

Sunday: WWF Superstars 9/2/95, WWF Action Zone 9/3/95

Monday: WWF Superstars 9/9/95, WWF Action Zone 9/10/95