The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 10.10.12

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 10.10.12

Taped from Orlando, FL

Your hosts are Byron Saxton & William Regal

CM Punk joins us to start, bitching that he’s been disrespected as WWE champion despite the length of his title reign, made to sit and watch more main events than he’s been booked in while champion.  So he’s gonna give Seth Rollins a lesson in respect while he’s here.

Bo Dallas v. Johnny Curtis

Regal relates his disgust with Curtis and his habit of carrying around “bags of sweets” and offering Regal a butterscotch earlier in the day.  Bastard.  Curtis takes Bo to the corner for some shots to start, but Bo fights back with clotheslines for two.  And once again, the announcers run down Bo’s whole family tree, but the character has no connection to any of them.  Curtis stomps him down on the ropes while the crowd is dead for “one of the most popular stars in NXT” according to the announcers.  Curtis with a snap suplex for two.  Curtis with a chinlock, but Bo fights out and makes his comeback and finishes with a spear at 4:04.  Yawn.  0 for 1.

Kaitlyn & Alicia Fox v. Paige & Audrey Marie

Paige continues to get over here, as Regal describes her as a “bomber girl”, but I’m just here for Audrey Marie.  Kaitlyn beats on Paige with knees and takes her down with a headlock to start.  Audrey comes in and works the arm as the crowd chants “We want Paige”, and Fox comes in with a rollup on Audrey for two.  Meanwhile, Regal’s blatant thirst for Alicia Fox is creepy and hilarious.  Audrey tries a facelock on Kaitlyn and gets thrown off, and the heels bring her back to the corner for more punishment, as Fox gets a snapmare for two.  Kaitlyn takes Audrey down for two and goes to a bodyscissors while Regal discusses his date plans for the evening, but Audrey fights out and makes the hot tag to Paige.  Unlike Bo Dallas, the crowd is legitimately excited to see her, and she runs wild on Fox before Alicia cradles her for two.  Paige dropkicks her for two, but Kaitlyn saves, and it’s BONZO GONZO, as Paige rolls up Fox for the pin at 6:17.  I don’t know if they keep using Alicia Fox in this role because they think she has some kind of rub to give, but newsflash, she does not.  I still don’t know why it didn’t work out for Audrey Marie, because she looks exactly like what they were looking for in 2012 and she wasn’t bad in the ring.  1 for 2.

Meanwhile, Jake Carter strikes out with Summer Rae and Trent stops by to mock him for it, and so next week they will have a match.

Meanwhile, Seth Rollins chats with Dollarama Ziggler about his NXT title match tonight, but CM Punk makes a cameo appearance, bitching about lack of respect, and tells Seth to beat the respect out of Michael McGillicutty.

DID YOU KNOW that Smackdown has been the #1 show on Syfy for the past two years straight?  What were the other choices, Buffy reruns?

Leo Kruger v. Dante Dash

Good name on the jobber and he’s got a good look but I don’t think he amounted to anything.  So it’s time to play Down the NXT Jobber Rabbit Hole and see where it leads us.  And in this case it doesn’t lead anywhere, as Dash (also known as Flex Freeman) spent two years in developmental and then left the business.  That’s a waste of two good wrestling names, which could double as secret identities in comic books.  Kruger hides in the corner at the bell and then POUNCES on Dash and stomps him down.  “Some would say he’s a little mental” notes Regal.  Kruger puts him in a chinlock while fish-hooking the mouth, and then gets a snap suplex while pulling at his own hair, doing some kind of Mankind riff as he’s still trying to figure out this character.  Neckbreaker finishes at 2:30.  I don’t really get what he was going for at this point.  Was he supposed to be a feral jungle savage?  Just a couple of weeks back he was a rich big game hunter and he’s switching back and forth.  1 for 3.

Meanwhile, Michael McGillicutty bitches at PirateBay Ziggler about everyone talking about “respect” and not giving him any.

Huh, apparently the NXT theme song is actually a Coheed and Cambria song called “Welcome Home”.  I didn’t realize it was an actual licensed song.   Totally just added it to my Spotify playlist.

NXT title:  Seth Rollins v. Michael McGillicutty

Man, “Cult of Personality” certainly ended up being a song eerily prescient of the way the world would go from 2016 onwards.  “I exploit you / Still you love me” sums up all the Q cultists and their relationship with the Former Guy pretty succinctly.  Seth takes him down with a hammerlock while Punk lets Regal touch his belt because it’s the closest he’ll ever get to it.  Rollins puts McGillicutty down with kicks and tries the Blackout, but Michael bails to the apron as we take a break.  Back with McGillicutty stomping away in the corner, but Seth takes him down with a headlock.  Bless the announcers for trying to make a big deal out of this match but who in their right mind was buying this goof as a serious threat to anyone’s title in 2012?  Michael works the headlock but Rollins comes back with dropkicks while they talk about how McGillicutty was more experienced than Rollins at this point.  WHAT?  Rollins had already been a top star for ROH, and former champion, and also had about 5 years in the business on McGillicutty.  It’s so weird that they were willing to acknowledge the various bloodlines of the second-generation guys, but apparently Seth Rollins didn’t debut in the sport until he got to FCW.  McGillicutty takes over with dull stuff and we take another break and return with him holding a headlock.  Rollins fights back with a flatliner into the corner and goes up for a bodypress, but he misses that and lands on his feet.  So he keeps making his comeback with a running elbow in the corner and clotheslines him to the floor before following with a tope. Back in, he tries a springboard and gets dropkicked out of the air, and McGillicutty gets two.  Seth fights back with an enzuigiri, but misses the Blackout, and MM gets a Saito Suplex for two.  Seth with a small package for two, but McGillicutty puts him down with a lariat for two.  This gives us proto-Shocked Two Count Face from McGillicutty, as apparently they weren’t training that skill quite yet, and Rollins comes back with a shiranui out of the corner for the pin at 15:23 to retain. A totally competent match that you’d probably buy dinner for, but nothing where you’d want to bring it home to meet the parents or anything.  2 for 4.

The CM Punk thing actually provided an interesting bit of foreshadowing if it turns out that he was there to scout people, but otherwise this week offers nothing of note.   I know we keep saying “The show doesn’t get good until 2013” but unfortunately we gotta keep saying it because it really doesn’t get good until 2013.   But it’s still kind of fun to see all the very early appearances and beta-testing versions of developmental stuff here nonetheless.