Just curious, realistically what should expectations be for NXT weekly ratings? I think what most people wanted them to get back to was not worrying about popping ratings each week to try to beat AEW and instead just focus on good matches/building characters. Obviously that is not gonna always be must see tv, especially since people can easily go back to watching on the network the next day commercial free like they did prior to USA move. I feel like some of their charm too was some on the lower card guys getting moments to shine, which the stuff between Swerve and Ruff was a perfect example of. They built it up the last few weeks and had a great payoff. Zoey Starks is another good example of that formula, I feel like they have done great with building her up the last few weeks.

I am also curious, how do you catch up on WWE these days? I know there is no way in hell you are watching Raw and I think some other shows are on a different day/times in Canada. Even thought you don't review are watching NXT and Smackdown, or do you just get caught at PPVs thru the promo packages?

I typically just watch the “Here's what happened in WWE this week” video packages they put on YouTube, which do an excellent job of distilling things down to like 2 minutes, and of course Dave & Bryan recap the shows on Observer Radio and I listen to those on the way to work in the mornings.