WWF Monday Night RAW – August 7th, 1995

August 7, 1995

From the Louisville Gardens in Louisville, KY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

The show starts with a video package on last week’s Razor Ramon & Savio Vega vs. Owen Hart & Yokozuna match that did not end before time ran out as the match will be restarted tonight. Plus, we will get Diesel vs. Sir Mo. We then get dueling promos from Diesel and Sir Mo. And good lord were they terrible.


WWF Tag Team Title Match: Razor Ramon & Savio Vega vs. Owen Hart & Yokozuna (c) w/ Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji

Vince believes that we will have new champs but Lawler disagrees. (4:24) Vince talks about WWF Interim President Gorilla Monsoon changing the Intercontinental Title match at SummerSlam from Shawn Michaels vs. Sid to Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon in a ladder match. Yokozuna and Razor start things off as Razor tries to take him down with clotheslines but gets caught in a slam. Razor avoids an elbow drop then tags out as Savio works the arm. Owen tags in and Savio takes him down with a wrist lock then works a side headlock on the mat as this crowd is absolutely dead. Razor tags back in and works the arm of Owen. Razor runs Owen through the ropes then goes back to the arm. Owen escapes with an eye poke and tags out as Yokozuna headbutts Razor a few times before grabbing an arm bar. Vince tells us that Dean Douglas will grade this match tonight as Owen tags back in and hits a DDT after Yokozuna attacked Razor from the apron. Owen then hits a neckbreaker for two and grabs a chin lock. Owen drops Razor with an enziguiri for a two count then the champs run interference as Yokozuna comes in without tagging and applies a chin lock as we go to break. We return to see Owen back in and he grabs a chin lock after a nearfall. Razor fights out but Owen sends him over the top rope. Razor is back in with Yokozuna now as Yokozuna punches him down. Yokozuna grabs a nerve hold that feels like it lasts several minutes. Razor escapes and fires away but Owen tags and stats raking Razor’s back. Owen catches Razor with a spinning heel kick for a two count but Razor blocks a hip toss and uses a backslide for a two count. Owen takes Razor back down and uses a scoop slam then hits a diving headbutt for two as Owen believes it should have been a three count. Owen jumps on top of Razor’s back for a sleeper and eventually takes him to the mat. Savio yells at Razor as I guess in a way to wake him up then starts cheerleading from the apron. The crowd somewhat gets into this as Razor finally breaks it up with a back suplex as both men are down. We get an obviously piped in USA chant here as Razor drapes his arm over Owen for a two count. Both men collide and are back down on the mat and inch towards their partners and make the tag. Savio fires away on Yokozuna and drops him with a spinning heel kick then catches Owen with a thrust kick. Savio beats on Yokozuna in the corner until Owen makes the save then he ducks a clothesline but gets caught in a Samoan drop by Yokozuna as Razor yanks Owen outside then Yokozuna hits a leg drop as Razor stands there and waits forever and finally tries to run in for the save but is too late as the champs retain (12:14 shown) *1/2.

Thoughts: Long, boring match with barely any crowd heat. The finish was telegraphed and Razor looking like he didn’t give a shit on the outside looked bad. Anyway, with Razor announced in the title match it was highly unlikely that he was going to win here and now that Savio has been pinned twice by Yokozuna its time for him to do something else in the midcard.


The Report Card with Dean Douglas as he grades this match. He writes “teamwork” on his chalkboard say that Savio & Razor did not exhibit any teamwork and they two “T’s” as a grade, which means “Terrible Twosome.” I give this segment one “T” as in Terrible.


We see Diesel walk backstage and slap hands with Shawn.


Another segment with Lawler at Dr. Isaac Yankem’s office. Yankem is with a patient performing x-rays as Lawler calls out Bret Hart and gloats over what Yankem will do to him at WrestleMania.


Fatu vs. Tony DeVito

Fatu shows off the back of his jacket that reads “Making a Difference, Think Positive.” Lawler talks about facing Shawn next week as Fatu avoids a sneak attack and fires away. Fatu still has his hat on as he skies DeVito with a backdrop in front of a disinterested crowd. Lawler works in a sponsor plug with Stridex to knock Shawn’s female fans as Fatu stays in control. Fatu slams DeVito and looks for approval from the fans and gets a mild reaction from three kids in the front row. Fatu lands mounted punches in the corner for slightly more reaction then hits a running cutter called a “Samoan Bulldog” by Vince then after some dancing, Fatu hits a flying splash for the win (2:43).

Thoughts: Fatu was unable to muster reactions from this dead crowd as his character is essentially a Headshrinker with modern clothes and chances to speak. Then again, after the stuff this crowd has been subjected to its not tough to see why they are so quiet. However, this character was tossed together quick and does not feel authentic.


We get a split screen with Todd Pettengill and Gorilla Monsoon as Pettengill will interview Gorilla as part of the SummerSlam Insider.


SummerSlam Insider with Todd Pettengill. We get a pre-recorded promo from King Mabel with Sir Mo doing the introduction and its the same as every other promo he has been cutting in building up this match. Gorilla is now interviewed and loves being the interim president as he can be a fan favorite and not commit to any corporate pressure. Gorilla then says that Alundra Blayze will face Bertha Faye for the WWF Women’s Title at SummerSlam to get revenge against the women who broke her nose. Also announcer for the PPV is Undertaker vs. Kama as Kama will be in action later on in this show. We get a pre-recorded promo from Undertaker & Paul Bearer. First off, I forgot the Women’s Title was even a thing at this point considering how little its been featured.


The graphic for Goldust airs.


Kama w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Troy Haste

The Creatures of the Night are shown at ringside. We hear from Sid on the phone as Kama tosses Haste outside then yells at the Creatures of the Night. Sid is pissed over losing his Intercontinental Title shot as Kama tosses the black wreath over the guardrail. Sid says that Shawn probably had something to do with getting out of their match but that they will meet down the line. Sid also goes on about Shawn costing him his World Title match at In Your House, referring to Shawn as a “hip-shaking idiot” as Kama puts Haste away with a cross arm breaker (1:25). After the match, Kama flips out on the Creatures.

Thoughts: Just a backdrop to hear from Sid over losing his IC Title match opportunity. The stuff with the Creatures is getting repetitive, however, and its been more than long enough where they can pull the trigger and have Kama attack the guy of the group.  Also, apparently this match is not included on the Network version of the show despite the fact they left in the advertisement of the match itself.


A video package hyping Shawn vs. Lawler next week on RAW.


Sir Mo vs. Diesel

Vince says that Mabel is in the building tonight and we know that Shawn is here too. Mo avoids Diesel after offering a handshake. We get a lockup then Mo cheap shots Diesel in the corner and kicks away. Mo rakes Diesel’s face then goes back to kicking and clubbing forearms but Diesel fights back. Diesel lands several knee smashes in the corner and hits a running clothesline for a two count. Diesel scoops up Mo for a slam as Vince talks about Diesel being unable to Jackknife Mabel. Diesel sends Mo outside with a big boot in an awkward spot then we see King Mabel walk down the aisle. We see Mo low-bridge Diesel in a terrible spot as Mabel stalks Diesel but we now see Shawn head down the aisle as Mabel stops just short of Diesel. All four men are outside now as the crowd wakes up a little to see Shawn. Mo sends Diesel into the post then rolls him back into the ring as we go to break. Mo covers for two then gets another two count before applying a rear chin lock. Mo then breaks and decides to head up top where he misses an elbow drop. Diesel slugs it out and catches Mo with a side slam. Diesel then uses a big boot and after that puts Mo away with a jackknife (6:56 shown) 3/4*. After the match, Mabel attacks Diesel and hits a leg drop but Shawn runs in and takes Mabel outside with a dropkick. Shawn then tries a pescado but Mabel catches him and rams Shawn into the post twice before slamming him on the floor. Several refs run over to stop Mabel from stomping Shawn as Diesel takes Mabel out with an axe handle from the apron then checks on his friend, whose clutching his back on the ground. Shawn finally gets to his feet and stands with Diesel as Vince hypes Shawn vs. Lawler for next week as Lawler talks trash from the announcer’s table with Shawn being restrained by several officials.

Thoughts: Diesel is all banged up and on a good day unable to carry a slug like Mo. The “royal plan” here was a brief attack then inflicting more pain on Shawn. Anyway, the crowd was only interested in Shawn coming out as he is by far and away the only thing interesting crowds at the moment.


Final Thoughts: Another weak show. The two featured bouts were subpar at best and we found out about two new matches added to the PPV but they were ice cold feuds, including one that most fans probably forgot still existed. Anyway, Shawn is in action next week against Lawler despite being all banged up as we are getting closer and closer to the PPV.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:


Thursday: WWF Superstars 8/12/95

Friday: WWF Madison Square Garden 8/12/95

Saturday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/13/95

Sunday: WWF Monday Night RAW 8/14/95

Monday: WWF Valleyfield, Quebec 8/16/95

Tuesday: WWF Superstars 8/19/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/20/95

Wednesday: WWF Monday Night RAW 8/21/95