WWF Wrestling Challenge – August 6th, 1995

August 6, 1995

From the Kiel Center in St. Louis, MO

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Dok Hendrix, replacing Gorilla Monsoon who is now the interim WWF President.


We go split screen as Ross asks Gorilla why he changed the Intercontinental Title. Gorilla says the change was for the fans and wants to give them the greatest Intercontinental Title rematch in history. Dok wonders if anymore changes will take place as Gorilla says there will be a blockbuster announcement tomorrow night on RAW.


Waylon Mercy vs. Troy Hasty

Mercy breaks up an armbar by grabbing the ropes then boots Hasty in the face. Mercy drags Hasty up on the apron then knocks him off as the announcers talk about Mercy’s tattoos. Mercy works the arm for a while as Ross says 1-2-3 Kid, Bob Holly, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Henry Godwinn are all in action this week. Mercy then locks on the sleeper for the win (2:18). After the match, Mercy shakes hands with some guy in the front row as ross wants someone like Diesel, Bret Hart, or Shawn Michaels to step up to Mercy.

Thoughts: They are still on track to set up Mercy for a top feud as he continues to rack up squash match wins while establishing his character.


WWF Live Event News with Stan Lane. More hype for the 8/12 MSG show.


1-2-3 Kid vs. Nick Barberri

The announcers talk more about the ladder match at Intercontinental Title match as Ross says we will hear “shocking” comments from Razor later on in the show. Kid knocks down Barberri then connects with a dropkick. Barberri cheap shots Kid in the corner then runs him into the corner a few times. Barberri now works the back as Ross notes Dean Douglas will grade Kid after the match is over. Barberri uses a few more turnbuckle smashes then chokes out Kid with the ropes. Kid then ducks a clothesline and drills Barberri with a spinning heel kick and lands more kicks in the corner then puts Barberri away with a spinning heel kick that did not even come close to making contact for the win (2:34).

Thoughts: I did not think Kid looked very good here as his kicks were all over the place and now we are going to see what he is going to be doing since his return from injury hasn’t been a smashing success.


Replay of the King Mabel interview from “Superstars.”


Barry Didinsky is backstage sporting the new “Property of World Wrestling Federation” t-shirt that you can buy for just $14 and get the Cage Magazine for free, which is a $4 value on its own.


Dean Douglas now grades 1-2-3 Kid’s performance. He says 1, 2, and 3 are the most elementary numbers to describe the most elementary talent in the WWF. He talks about Kid not graduating and the end of the match his shoulders will be down 1, 2, and 3. Douglas then says based off of his performance, his grade is incomplete. These segments still suck.


Bob “Spark Plugg” Holly vs. Reginald Walker

Dok makes fun of Holly for being a crash test dummy. Holly uses an arm drag as Ross plugs the America Online number that gives you 10 free hours that you can use to access the WWF area for SummerSlam. Holly works the arm but Walker backs him into the corner and hammers away. Walker yells at the ref then Holly fights back. Holly then lands a big boot and follows with a side slam before applying a chin lock. Holly then hits a dropkick and tries to fire up the crowd before going up top for the flying body press and the win (3:14).

Thoughts: The announcers mostly talked about Diesel vs. Mo on RAW. Holly remains solid in the ring but besides being billed as a dual sport star does not factor into any plans.


The same Jerry Lawler & Dr. Isaac Yankem segment we’ve seen all week airs.


We see several minutes of the Tag Team Title match from RAW between Razor Ramon & Savio Vega and Owen Hart & Yokozuna.


Razor is shown from comments earlier today. He talks about everyone knows he is the #1 contender. He also talks about Shawn is a three-time Intercontinental Champion but that he was the first three-time IC champ then wants Shawn to ask Diesel when they drive together how Razor is the only one that has beaten him. Good stuff here from Razor who is feeling like is overlooked and set out to remind everyone just how good he is and that he won the first encounter against Shawn in a ladder match.


Henry Godwinn vs. Brickhouse Brown

The camera zooms in on the slop bucket in the corner. Godwinn hammers away to start. Brown escapes from a charge in the corner and hits a pair of dropkicks. Brown tries a crossbody but Godwinn catches him with a front falling slam. Godwinn tosses Brown through the ropes and tries to suplex him in from the apron but Brown floats over and gets a rollup for a two count. Godwinn then runs Brown’s head into the corner and uses a scoop slam and an elbow drop as Ross says Godwinn is upset over not being a full-time member of The Million Dollar Corporation. Ross plugs the Superstar Line as Godwinn stays in control until he puts Brown away with the Slop Drop (3:32).

Thoughts: Decent TV squash match here as Brown was always a solid worker although too small for the WWF at the time. Brown even had a tryout back in 1986 with WWF when he had more of an upper body but that did not last more than several weeks. Godwinn called out Adam Bomb at one point as that feud continues. Also, Ross noting he heard Godwinn is upset over not being an official member of The Corporation is something to keep an eye on.


The SummerSlam ad airs.


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Bill Payne

Both men shake hands to start. Payne hammers away after a cheap shot but runs into a dropkick. Bigelow tosses Payne across of the ring then lands a few headbutts. Bigelow then uses a press slam but whiffs on a falling headbutt. Payne lands a few shots but Bigelow fights back and hits a few falling headbutts before going up top for the diving headbutt and the win (2:55).

Thoughts: Another win for Bigelow as his stock continues to plummet. The only focus he has in for a strap match at MSG next week against Tatanka.


WWF Live Event News with Stan Lane. More hype for the 8/12 MSG show.


Final Thoughts: Not much to talk about here other than Gorilla saying he has an announcement for tomorrow night’s RAW. The Dean Douglas segments continue to suck and a lot of the talent featured in matches here as just stuck in neutral on the midcard. And in just a few more weeks, Challenge as we know it will be finished.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Wednesday: WWF Monday Night RAW 8/7/95

Thursday: WWF Superstars 8/12/95

Friday: WWF Madison Square Garden 8/12/95

Saturday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/13/95

Sunday: WWF Monday Night RAW 8/14/95

Monday: WWF Valleyfield, Quebec 8/16/95

Tuesday: WWF Superstars 8/19/95, WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/20/95