That’s Enough Mickie James


Is anyone else sick of hearing Mickie whine about being fired from WWE?

People get fired from their job all the time, and some probably have also shockingly and horrifically got trash bags full of their stuff as well.

The apologies apparently weren’t enough for her as she gave numerous interviews bashing the company that made her name over and over after the fact.

Even today, she tweeted something expressing incredulity that they would rehire Eva Marie.

Sorry to break it to Mickie, but there’s way more $ and future in Eva.

Sad way for her to go out this bitter, as she probably could have got a Hall of Fame induction in the coming years if she kept it civil like other former female wrestlers who were fired and then later inducted.

Your thoughts?


I’m sorry, there’s way more money in EVA MARIE?!?!  LOLwut?  Maybe for hair dye companies.