Macho man doc

Hey Scott- 

Did you watch the macho man doc on A&E?
Correct me if I am wrong. But I have never heard so much open steroid talk in any doc that had WWE participation. 
I understand that Randy is gone. But it seemed like quite the burial. 

 Especially bringing up alleged drug use for in his later years. Just seemed a little petty. 

Just wondering. Your thoughts. 

I don’t think there was anything “alleged” about it.  Human beings do not look like Macho did in 1999. The stuff about Stephanie Bellars and the cameras was pretty icky, but the rest was nothing I haven’t heard before.  I usually prefer the WWE docs and their version of his history because at least they acknowledge WCW as a thing that happened and tend to focus more on the larger than life legend rather than the sad details of his later life.  I dunno, not my favourite one thus far, but it was fine and pretty fair. 

I’m interested to see the contrast in stories between the Warrior bio and the Dark Side episode, though.