What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – February 3, 1990

Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura are doing commentary and they are concluding the tapings in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Dusty Rhodes squash match from Prime Time Wrestling airs.

In the Update segment, Gene Okerlund recaps what happened between Brutus Beefcake and the Genius at The Royal Rumble.  Mr. Perfect and the Genius tell Beefcake that he got what he deserved for cutting the Genius’ hair, while Beefcake says that Perfect has him in a crazy state where he is liable to cut anything.

Rick Martel (2-0) beats Reno Riggins via submission to the Boston crab at 1:50:

Speaking of Beefcake, Martel is still upset over the destruction of his clothes weeks ago and he tells Beefcake that his fun will soon end in the split screen.  An incensed Martel yells about Beefcake as he gives Riggins a backbreaker and submits him with the Boston crab.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan (4-1) pins Mike Davis after the three-point stance clothesline at 2:06:

Davis throws fists and knees, but Duggan does not sell them and flattens the jobber with the usual batch of clotheslines.  The squash is a great demonstration of why Duggan always had a job as he fires up the crowd and his “Hoo!” chants make simple spots of taking an opponent to the buckle entertaining.

Jake Roberts (3-0) defeats Ted DiBiase (w/Virgil & Slick) (2-0) via disqualification when the Big Bossman interferes at 3:13:

There is limited interaction between Roberts and DiBiase, with Roberts trying the DDT and DiBiase escaping several times.  Roberts gets tied into the ropes and DiBiase urges Virgil to get the Million Dollar Belt from Roberts’ snake handling bag, but Virgil refuses.  DiBiase then sends Slick backstage, who retrieves the Big Bossman.  The Bossman nails Roberts in the back of the head with his night stick and handcuffs him to the top rope, grabbing the snake bag on his way to the dressing room.  Rating:  *

The Brother Love Show happens immediately after the events of the previous match, with DiBiase gloating about his wealth and paying Slick to make sure that he could get the Million Dollar Belt back.  When DiBiase asks for the Belt, the Bossman interjects, demanding Slick tell him about the details of the alleged payoff because he only agreed to get the Million Dollar Belt for DiBiase since Roberts stole it.  DiBiase grows irritated with the Bossman’s newfound conscience, alleging that the Bossman’s complaint is not about money but about being scared of reaching into the bag.  After pulling the Million Dollar Belt out of the bag, the Bossman says that if DiBiase wants his property back he will have to get it himself.  He puts the belt back in the bag, goes back to the ring and gives Roberts the handcuff key while also handling back the bag.  To reinforce the babyface turn, the Bossman pushes Slick when his former manager tries to talk with him in the aisle.

The Canadian Earthquake’s squash from Prime Time Wrestling is shown.

WWF Champion Hulk Hogan says he has to find out whether he or the Ultimate Warrior represent the greatest force in the company.  He issues a challenge to the Warrior where the WWF Championship will be on the line.

Intercontinental Champion the Ultimate Warrior says he is just beginning to understand the forcefield around Hogan.  He claims that the little warriors hang onto his face paint and implies that he is accepting Hogan’s challenge.

The Powers of Pain squash from Prime Time Wrestling airs.

The Powers of Pain and Mr. Fuji tell Demolition that they cannot escape their power, but Demolition argue that their power is greater.

Tune in next week to see Demolition face the Powers of Pain!

The Last Word:  The Big Bossman turn was great, providing a reason for why the Bossman initially agreed to help DiBiase and why he took issue with Slick making a deal on his behalf.  Fans responded well to the turn too, which bodes well for the Bossman’s chances on the card going forward.  The show also officially sets the main event for WrestleMania VI with Hulk Hogan’s challenge to the Ultimate Warrior and the Warrior accepting it in a great set of crazy promos.

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