Dark Side thoughts

So I watched a couple of more episodes of Dark Side of the Ring this weekend as we build to season 3. This time around, Gino Hernandez and Fabulous Moolah from season 1.

Both good episodes I would say, as there hasn’t been a “bad” one yet, although the Moolah one was kind of unfocused. Lots of double hearsay testimony and “She didn’t TELL me in so many words…” type of stuff but enough to get the gist. Also they introduced the guy who is Fighting For Moolah but didn’t really present his side of the story in any meaningful way. Wendi Richter was great and came off like a star. Felt like the whole deal could have been mined much more extensively but they had 45 minutes and didn’t want to get sued so this is what it was. I’d call it about a 6/10.

Next up I watched the Gino episode and really enjoyed it, although they were trying for the shocking expose angle and just ended up at the same place everyone else does: Gino died due to ingesting a mountain of cocaine and booze. I enjoyed the look back at his life but I’m surprised they never dug into the Paul Boesch rumours at all. This one was kind of the opposite of Moolah in that they mostly had the one thing to say and had to stretch it out to 45 minutes, so it could have been way shorter. Like, wow, he was really talented and hung with bad people and did a lot of drugs? You don’t say? At any rate, it was an interesting show and worth watching if you’d like to learn a bit about him. 7/10.

Next up later this week: The Road Warriors and Brawl for all!