WWF Superstars – July 29th, 1995

July 29, 1995

From Roberts Stadium in Evansville, IN

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix

Show starts with a video package on last week’s Savio Vega & 1-2-3 Kid vs. Jacob & Eli Blu match where Uncle Zebekiah cost Vega & Kid the match. This leads to a six-man tag for this week as Zebekiah teams with his nephews against Kid & Vega & Razor Ramon. Vince tells us that Zebekiah was “ordered” to wrestle but we don’t know who ordered him since we do not have a President.


Fatu vs. Rad Radford

We see Fatu coming to the ring with a colorful jacket and a red winter hat. The announcers put over Radford’s wrestling abilities. Radford shoves Fatu a few times then turns his back and turns around as Fatu hammers away. Fatu dances after clotheslining Radford over the top rope as Dok tells us how Shawn Michaels defeated Jeff Jarrett at In Your House to become the Intercontinental Champion. Fatu stays in control and gets a few nearfalls until he misses a charge in the corner. Radford hits a swinging neckbreaker then turns Fatu inside out with a clothesline. Radford hits a double axe handle for two then uses a neck snap for two before applying a chin lock. The announcers talk about Diesel retaining the World Title as Dok said Shawn was the reason why as Radford connects with a dropkick for another two count. Radford now applies a sleeper but Fatu shoves him off and puts on a sleeper of his own. Radford escapes but Fatu catches him in a powerslam. Fatu then staggers around and Radford uses a few turnbuckle smashes that Fatu no-sells. Fatu then fires away as this is not the best fired up babyface sequence I’ve ever seen. Fatu then hits a running cutter from the corner that Vince refers to as a “semblance of a bulldog” but Fatu ducks his head and Radford hits a DDT. Radford celebrates and did not see Fatu pop up and dance behind him and after that Fatu puts him a small package for the win (5:50) *1/2. After the match, Radford attacks from behind but tries a clothesline and Fatu gets pissed. Radford then runs away and heads backstage as Fatu goes past the ref and chases after him.

Thoughts: Not a particularly good match and poor performance by Fatu, who looked really slow and almost winded towards the end. The character only had a couple weeks of vignettes and was not over with this crowd. He basically wrestled like a slower, less impactful version of his Headshrinker character. And with a lot more dancing. I guess the win was a way to somewhat protect Radford and the finish builds towards a feud.


WWF Live Event News with Stan Lane. More hype for the 8/12 MSG show as we hear from Bret Hart, hyping his match against Jean Pierre Lafitte.


King Mabel is carried out to the ring on his throne with Sir Mo walking ahead of everyone.


Guest ring announcer is Mason Miller, who is a teenage boy.


King Mabel w/ Sir Mo vs. Gary Scott

Vince marvels over Mabel’s 568 lbs. Mabel beats on Scott in the corner as Vince hypes up a Mabel/Bigelow house show match next Wednesday at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center. Mabel clotheslines Scott then uses a scoop slam as we also learn that Razor Ramon vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley will also take place at this house show. Mabel stays in control and tosses Scott to the floor. Mabel heads out and whips Scott into the steps then yells how he will “win by any means” then he brings Scott back inside and hits a belly-to-belly suplex for the win (2:26).

Thoughts: Easy win for Mabel as the commentary was focused on hyping the Mid-Hudson Civic Center show.


After the match, Mabel grabs the mic and yells at the crowd to shut up. Mabel then reminds the crowd they need to respect their king before saying at SummerSlam, he will also be the World Champion in addition to being king.


A new graphic hyping up the debut of this “Goldust” character is shown. This has a brush writing the Goldust name in a glittery cursive lettering.


We see Mabel head up the aisle as he yells and makes menacing faces.


The address to write WWF for fundraising shows airs.


Bob Backlund is in the crowd talking to children as part of his campaign. Since they do not vote it seems like a waste. Also, no mention of the Backlund/Man Mountain Rock feud here.


We get a video package on the Shawn Michaels vs. Jeff Jarrett match at In Your House. They bring up Jarrett and Roadie fighting plus the fact Jarrett was lip synching and Roadie was likely the singer.


Now, the announcers are with Barry Didinsky to sell the “Ain’t I Great” t-shirt that comes with the “With My Baby Tonight” cassette tape. Didinsky just modeled the shirt here with Dok doing most of the selling. Tells you what they think of Barry in his current role.


Hype video for next week’s Shawn Michaels vs. Skip match.


Jacob Blu & Eli Blu & Uncle Zebekiah vs. Razor Ramon & Savio Vega & 1-2-3 Kid

Vince wants to know if Zebekiah wrestle. Dok says he has seen him wrestle in the past but cannot go into details. I’m sure at least some of this Evansville crowd recognizes Dutch Mantell. Razor, Savio, and Kid immediately charge the ring and clear out their opponents. Match settles down with Razor working over Eli. We get some quick tagging here as they work on Eli’s arm. Eli comes back to drop Razor with a clothesline then rams him in the corner. Eli eats boot on a charge in the corner and Razor comes back with a flying bulldog. Jacob tags as Razor trips him up and works the arm. Vega runs wild until Jacob lands a chop. Vega avoids a big boot then comes back with a spinning heel kick for two as Eli made the save. Kid tags in and lands several kicks then knocks Zebekiah off of the apron but that allowed Eli to attack from behind. Jacob tags and slams Kid as we go to break then return with Jacob still in control. Kid rolls away to avoid a pair of elbow drops then tags out as Razor runs wild. Eli then attacks Razor from the apron and Jacob connects with a big boot. Zebekiah tags and hammers away then distracts the ref as his nephews attack Razor in the corner. Dok brings up how the Smoking Gunns and Jacob & Eli hate each other as Jacob is back in the match. Jacob drops Razor after a lifting choke hold then cranks the neck. Vega cheerleads from the apron as the crowd seems to be getting into the match. Razor fights out then slugs it out with Jacob until he gets caught with a powerslam. Vega makes the save on a pin attempt then Razor uses a small package behind the ref’s back on Zebekiah, who tagged in, but the ref never made the count. Eli is in but Razor takes him down with a sunset flip for two. Jacob is back in and drops an elbow for two. Razor drills Jacob with a knee lift but gets dropped. Jacob uses an abdominal stretch with his teammates constantly running interference as the ref is distracted by Kid pointing out the cheating. Razor finally breaks out with a hip toss but whiffs on an elbow drop. Zebekiah tags and Razor takes him out with a knee lift as both men are down. Eli runs into the opposing corner to distract the ref but as that happened, Jacob accidentally drops Zebekiah with a big boot. Kid tags in and goes nuts on Zebekiah in the corner. He gets two with a kick as Eli was late on the save then the match breaks down and Kid hits Zebekiah with a spinning heel kick for the win (12:36) **1/2. The crowd loved the finish.

Thoughts: Fun TV match here with the winning team getting revenge. They also needed a win since they’ve been on losing streaks since King of the Ring. It was a bit of a surprise seeing Razor sell for most of the match though. Jacob & Eli can now feud with the Smoking Gunns as the winning team will need to find some sort of direction heading into SummerSlam.


The Dean Douglas segment from RAW airs.


Waylon Mercy vs. Major Yates

Mercy breaks cleanly from the corner then again from the ropes. Mercy offers a handshake but lures Yates in for a knee smash. Mercy then lands a clothesline before tossing Yates through the ropes. The camera zooms in on Mercy’s tattoos as Dok talks about Sid being livid at Shawn Michaels for what he did at SummerSlam and now wants the Intercontinental Title. Mercy chokes out Yates in the corner as Vince hypes an interview with Shawn Michaels that you can hear by calling the “Superstar Line” and selection option 2. Mercy continues to beat on Yates then puts on the sleeper for the win (1:57). The announcers put over the lethality of Mercy’s sleeper. After the match, Mercy helps Yates to his feet before shoving him through the ropes.

Thoughts: Another squash match win to put over Mercy’s character. We also had a lot of hype for Shawn vs. Sid for the Intercontinental Title, presumably at SummerSlam.


WWF Live Event News with Stan Lane. We are from Jean Pierre Lafitte as he runs down Bret to hype their MSG match.


Back to the announcers as Dok gives Vince some super sensitive Stridex pads. Vince then tells us that Bret will face Isaac Yankem at SummerSlam.


We are back at Isaac Yankem’s doctor. Lawler talks about Yankem making his debut at SummerSlam as the camera keeps cutting to the announcers who are in disgust over Yankem yanking out the teeth of some guy. Vince then said he has been alerted something is going on with Shawn Michaels.


Dok is now in the ring with The Bodydonnas. He asks them about their match against Shawn next week but also about Skip’s loss to Barry Horowitz. Sunny promises Skip will beat Shawn as we hear “Barry” chants in the crowd. Sunny says that the women chasing Shawn are as fat and out of shape as he is then Skip flips out as he keeps getting upset over thinking about his loss to Horowitz as the show ends.


Final Thoughts: We had two feature matches this week and at least one of them was good. We also learned that Bret vs. Yankem is official for SummerSlam and next week we get Shawn vs. Skip as the featured match. The focus will remain on building to SummerSlam next week as that show is less than a month away.