NWO: Biggest Angle with the most waste

Since the network debut and the countless podcasts covering a range of shows, stories and talents, the retrospective of the NWO Angle has been disected and examined more than i ever imagined it could since the monday night wars ended.  Alot of things stand out, and for such a huge angle, storylines, threads, matches and wrestlers involved, two things also stick out in the back of my mind:

– No payoff.  I can't even find out exactly if and when the nWo died in wcw or it just went away with the sale.  Even the Sting/Hogan match wasn't a satisfying end to that particular feud due to everything that happened. 

-No MOTY-Candidates.  There was a few good Savage/DDP Brawls, maybe Syxx had some decent cruiserweight action.  But is there even a single match involving them that comes to mind that you think is a Classic? 

Can you think of any other huge storylines & angles that produced such little satifying outcomes? 

There was a pretty big one in 2001…