At some point in some wrestlers careers, Vince or Bischoff or whoever is the boss of a wrestling company will decide to turn some wrestler into a jobber to the stars, usually a respected  veteran.  Or even hire a wrestler from another company and make them a JTTS.   My question is are there some wrestlers you think got turned into a JTTS too soon?  Could Tito Santana have done more post Strike Force breakup? Bobby Eaton post Dangerous Alliance?  Pretty much any NWA/WCW wrestler Vince hired in the late 80s?  How about any wrestler now?

I think Ricochet sure as hell got turned into a JTTS too soon.  

Tito was perfectly cast in the role he was in, however.  Bobby Eaton got a TV title reign and that was going to be his ceiling anyway, he was better off as a tag team guy.