WWF New Generation Era


After reading the April 1996 Raw review, it got me thinking about the New Generation years. Then I quickly got a headache and took a nap. Then I started thinking again: Do we have any accepted beginning and end points for the New Generation era?

Does it start when Bret beat Flair? When Luger hiplocked Yokozuna? Does it end with the Curtain Call? 

(I always associate that era specifically with American hero Lex Luger, but also Bret, Shawn, Razor, Diesel, Yoko, Bam Bam, Double J, Doink, Adam Bomb, etc. Since most were gone or on sabbatical by spring 1996, I don’t consider anything after that point to be New Generation.)

P.S. Sources tell me none of the above were in Dallas in 1963.

I think the accepted starting point was Diesel beating Bob Backlund, actually.  The period with Bret and Yokozuna could kind of retroactively be appended onto the New Generation, but Imma have to make a call on behalf of internet wrestling nerds and say it's not officially part of New Gen.  I'm sorry, discussion over.