WWF In Your House #2

July 23, 1995

From the Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler


1-2-3 Kid vs. The Roadie

Jarrett is not accompanying Roadie for the match. Kid runs out in the aisle to attack Roadie. They head back inside where Kid trips up Roadie after an Irish whip sequence. Kid takes Roadie outside with a flying headscissors in a not-so-smooth spot. Then eventually slingshots out with a kick as the announcers talk about Roadie and Jarrett’s relationship. They head back inside where Kid hits a corner splash but then gets caught in a powerslam. We see the match on a monitor in Jarrett’s locker room but Jarrett’s back is turned as he is preparing for his concert. Roadie hits a clothesline from the apron then drags Kid halfway around the ring before picking him up and crotching him against the ring post. They head back inside where Roadie uses a flapjack then a pair of leg drops. Roadie is smiling then taunts the crowd before skying Kid with a back drop. We get more taunting from Roadie then cranks the neck as we go split screen with Jarrett talking to his backup singers. Roadie now works a chin lock as the crowd gets behind Kid. Roadie now heads up top but misses a splash as both men are down. Kid wins a slugfest then hits a spinning heel kick for a two count. Kid lands a dropkick then uses a slam before heading up top with a frog splash for another two count. Roadie catches Kid with a powerbomb for a two count as Lawler keeps talking about Roadie needing his focus on Jarrett’s performance and how a win here will help calm Jarrett’s nerves. Kid heads up top but Roadie cuts him off then hits a piledriver from the second rope that looked brutal and gets the win (7:27) **3/4. Roadie celebrates after the match.

Thoughts: Rough in spots but really fast-paced and they did some cool stuff here. The finish was especially nuts. Anyway, a big win for The Roadie as its clear they have plans for him and he’s deserving of more attention for sure. The finish does play off of the fact Kid just come back from a severe neck injury.


Roadie goes over to the concert set and does a mic check as Lawler puts over his professionalism.


Todd Pettengill is in the Million Dollar Corporation locker room. The camera zooms in on Sid as DiBiase gloats about his lumberjacks and declares this as Sid’s house. Tatanka then for some reason cuts a promo on Diesel for this match then they pass the mic around to Kama before Sid says he is the master and ruler of the world as he get an even closer camera zoom to Sid’s eyes.


Barry Didinsky is in Diesel’s locker room. Diesel is with his lumberjacks as Didinsky sells the event t-shirts.


Men on a Mission vs. Razor Ramon & Savio Vega

We see Razor’s ribs all taped up but he then rips it off and tosses it at Mabel. Razor tosses his toothpick at Mo then works the arm. Savio tags and hammers away before dropping Mo with a clothesline. Mo fights back but Savio runs wild for a bit until Mabel catches him with a sidewalk slam. Mabel tosses Savio over the top rope then eggs on Razor. Mo rolls Savio back inside as Mabel clubs away. Men on a Mission neutralize Savio, who even tries to slam Mabel only for Mabel to fall on top for a two count. After a few minutes of being control, Mo decides to try a moonsault but misses as both men are down. Savio does make the tag as Razor runs wild on Mo. Razor then hits Mo with a super back suplex and after that signals for the Razor’s Edge. Mabel tries to come in and Razor decks him but Mo knees Razor in the gut. Mo then slams Razor after Mabel tags in and we see Mabel head up top. However, Razor slams him off then covers for a two count as the fans were really into that spot. Mo then knees Razor from the apron and Mabel hits Razor with a DDT. Razor avoids a splash and tries to cover Mabel but Mo boots him so Savio runs in to take out Mo. We are left with Razor and Mabel in the ring as Mabel hits an avalanche then puts Razor away with the belly-to-belly suplex (10:11) **1/4.

Thoughts: There were some slow spots in the middle for sure but it really picked up at the end. Razor eating the pin was a bit of a shock but much like Kid in the last match, the finish here also played into a pre-existing injury. I don’t think MoM winning should be a shock since Mabel just won King of the Ring.


We get a split screen of both Kid and Roadie on the “Superstar Line” as for this show both the winners and losers will be on the phones.


Pettengill is now on the stage where Jarrett will perform. He dances and talks with the backup singers.


Dok Hendrix is backstage with Bam Bam Bigelow, Adam Bomb, Man Mountain Rock, and the Smoking Gunns. Dok says there is a rumor of DiBiase buying off one of Diesel’s lumberjacks. One by one they all deny until Dok stirs shit by saying its the former Corporation member himself. Bigelow then says that is false and talks about getting revenge on his former stablemates and ends this segment by celebrating with the others.


Jarrett finally comes out to the stage. Vince wonders if Jarrett is nervous but Lawler says that is not the case. Jarrett struts with Roadie briefly before saying he’s the world’s greatest singer, entertainer, and wrestler. Jarrett then says he set out to use the WWF from day one and did just that before talking about his hit single “With My Baby Tonight.” Jarrett finally “sings” with his band. After the song, Jarrett tells the crowd to eat their crow then will now prove how he’s the greatest wrestler. Vince says this song will be available via cassette tape tomorrow on Monday Night RAW. The lip synching was obvious but it did not come off that bad at all to be honest.


We get an ad for SummerSlam, which will take place in Pittsburgh, PA.


Pettengill is now in the crowd asking what they thought of Jarrett’s performance. We get mixed reactions.


Henry Godwinn vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Lawler thinks if Godiwnn wins tonight he will be in The Corporation. Godwinn hits a back suplex but turns around and Bigelow gets up to hit a pair of back suplexes. He takes Godwinn outside and hammers away but Godwinn is able to get back into the ring, where he attacks Bigelow. Godwinn ducks his head and gets hit with a DDT. Bigelow runs over Godwinn but charges and gets low-bridged outside. Godwinn goes out and slams Bigelow on the floor as this crowd is dead for the match. Godwinn sends Bigelow into the steps then rolls Bigelow into the ring and hammers away. Bigelow misses a corner charge and gets dropped with a clothesline for a two count. Godwinn applies a chin lock but Bigelow eventually escapes and hits a crossbody for two. Godwinn immediately clotheslines Bigelow then grabs his slop bucket but the ref tells him to put it down. Godwinn chokes out Bigelow on the second rope. Elbow drop gets two then Godwinn uses a boot scrape as Vince talks about both men being lumberjacks later on tonight. Bigelow catches Godwinn with a clothesline then drops Godwinn with a headbutt. Bigelow heads up top but misses a diving headbutt. Godwinn now goes to the middle rope and misses a knee drop and Bigelow covers for the win (5:33) *1/2. After the match, Godwinn grabs his bucket but staggers around like his leg is hurt and leans against the ropes. Bigelow leaves as Godwinn falls.

Thoughts: Bigelow finally gets a win and some revenge on Godwinn. However, this match was dead with the crowd only reacting at the finish, which was not particularly good or anything. Bigelow has fallen so far down the card as a face. He was in the WrestleMania main event less than four months ago and now a babyface who feels like the rest of the midcarders.


Bob Backlund is in the aisle talking with the young fans.


Pettengill is with Shawn Michaels. He asks Shawn about the match as an extremely confident Shawn says he will be the next Intercontinental Champion.


The Roadie comes out and takes the mic from the ring announcer. He tells us that Jarrett will be the Intercontinental Champion today and tomorrow and there’s nothing the crowd or even Shawn himself can do about it as he then introduces Jarrett.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Jeff Jarrett (c) w/ The Roadie vs. Shawn Michaels

Jarrett taunts the crowd with the belt then tosses it at the ref. He continues to taunt the crowd as Shawn now checks out himself in the reflection of the belt. Shawn decks Jarrett after getting punched himself as Jarrett takes quite the bump and retreats in the corner. Shawn lounges across the top rope then Jarrett takes him down with an arm drag and struts around as we are getting a battle of showmanship to start. Vince says Shawn could become a three-time Intercontinental Title winner tonight as Jarrett punches Shawn in the face. Shawn bails and takes a breather as Jarrett now lounges across of the top rope. Shawn returns and we get a reversal sequence that leads to Shawn clotheslining Jarrett over the top rope as Shawn skins-the-cat back inside and mocking Jarrett’s strut to the delight of the crowd. Jarrett heads halfway up the aisle as Shawn counts with the ref. Jarrett then heads back and rolls in to beat the ten count but immediately rolls back outside. Jarrett paces around the ring and rolls back in and out to beat the ten count once again. Shawn then runs out to attack Jarrett and throws him back inside. Shawn leaps off of the top rope but Jarrett punches him in the gut. Shawn pulls up to avoid a dropkick then Roadie misses a swing from the apron as Shawn pokes his eye. Shawn then avoids a charging Jarrett and tosses him out at Roadie then flies out and hits both men with a plancha. Shawn rolls back in as we get a replay of the plancha. Shawn takes Jarrett down with a baseball slide and we now see Jarrett begging for mercy in the corner. Jarrett thinks he is smart for avoiding a plancha to Shawn comes off the top with a sunset flip. Jarrett tries to break it up with a punch but Shawn escaped. Shawn then charges and Jarrett back drops him over the top rope in the corner and on to the floor. Jarrett rolls Shawn back inside and hits a gordbuster for a two count. Jarrett stomps away then catches Shawn with an abdominal stretch. Shawn finally escapes but ducks his head and Jarrett hits a jumping DDT for a two count. Vince’s mic apparently goes out here as Lawler now laughs and comments by himself. Jarrett chokes out Shawn in the ropes then distracts the ref so Roadie can choke Shawn. Jarrett tries a jumping attack on Shawn but misses and takes out Roadie by accident. Shawn uses a reverse rollup for two but gets tossed outside once again. Roadie attacks Shawn on the outside then celebrates with Jarrett as they believe Shawn will get counted out. Shawn is just able to beat the ten count and Jarrett yells at the ref. Jarrett heads up top for a flying body press but Shawn rolls through for a two count. We get a pinfall reversal sequence then Jarrett dropkicks Shawn for another two count. Jarrett catches Shawn with a sleeper as the crowd gets behind Shawn. We then see Shawn break it up with a back suplex as both men are down. The ref counts both men as Shawn finally gets to his knees and crawls slowly to Jarrett and drapes his arm over his chest for a two count. Shawn decks Jarrett a few times then hits a flying clothesline and kips up as the crowd goes wild. Shawn fires away as Vince is screaming about Shawn, who hits Jarrett with a double axe handle for two. Shawn heads up top for a flying elbow drop but that only gets two. Shawn slides outside then crotches Jarrett against the post. Shawn heads back up top but Roadie cuts him off by shaking the ropes. Jarrett finally gets up and hits a superplex then signals for the figure four but Shawn uses a small package for a two count. Jarrett comes back with a shinbreaker then tries the figure four once again but Shawn shoves Jarrett off and into the referee. The ref is out in the corner as Shawn is up first but Roadie takes him out with a chop block. Jarrett then gets up top as Roadie wakes the referee. Jarrett hits a flying body press for a nearfall as Shawn was just able to get his arm up. Jarrett is pissed and tries an Irish whip but Shawn reverses and Roadie, who was facing the crowd, accidentally trips Jarrett. Roadie is in disbelief as Jarrett is equally as shocked but then Jarrett turns around and eats a super kick and Shawn covers for the win and the title as the crowd goes nuts (20:03) ****1/2. Shawn celebrates and gets fireworks as Vince is beside himself on commentary. We see Roadie checking on Jarrett as Shawn leaves but not before kissing some woman on the lips. We then see the slo-mo replay of Roadie tripping Jarrett as Vince somehow pins this on Jarrett.

Thoughts: A tremendous, show-stealing match with a satisfying finish. The crowd was amped for Shawn, who put on one hell of a performance here with his fast-paced offense and insane bumps. Jarrett more than held up his end of the match too and able to hang with Shawn’s athleticism. And with the past couple of weeks of Vince telling us how there is a rift between Jarrett and Roadie despite that not being the case on TV we see a miscommunication spot where Vince tried to blame Jarrett for, which is just silly since, Road Dogg was not even looking when he tripped up Jarrett by accident.


Didinsky is with Diesel and the rest of the lumberjacks as they await Shawn to enter as they celebrate is Intercontinental Title win. Shawn talks about needing nothing but a belt and his friends. Didinsky then uses this as a time to shill Shawn’s t-shirt and shades.


Back to the announcers as Vince says Jarrett set up what happened while Lawler blames Roadie.


Dok Hendrix is manic and says that Roadie and Jarrett screamed and shoves each other backstage until Roadie decked Jarrett. He will try to get more information. Well, in reality, both men legitimately left the building as they decided to walk out on the company due to money issues. Well, this confrontation was supposed to camera in the ring per Roadie on his RF Video shoot interview. Both guys were pissed off feeling they were underpaid and upset about splitting the duo so soon. Roadie was also pissed that he was drug tested, stating they kept testing him and not others, despite the fact he admitted he was “dirty” and failed. Jarrett, who had his bags packed up, took them and left the building. Roadie grabbed his stuff and followed behind. I’ll have more on the recap of RAW that will post early this evening.


WWF Tag Team Title Match: Owen Hart & Yokozuna (c) w/ Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji vs. Allied Powers 

We cut to the Spanish announce team of Carlos Cabrera & Hugo Savinovich. Luger and Yokozuna start things off as Yokozuna shoves Luger off of a lockup. Yokozuna cuts off a comeback but misses an elbow drop. Yokozuna cheap shots Luger in the corner then Luger fights back with turnbuckle smashes. Luger knocks down Yokozuna after some strikes and in the process, Yokozuna fell on Owen’s foot. Owen hops around the outside then gets in and yells at Yokozuna and ends up getting shoved. Cornette calms down his team as the ref backs off the Powers. Yokozuna & Owen seemingly make up as Owen is now in and retreats to the corner after slapping Luger across the face. Owen cheap shots Luger but is taken down with an arm drag as Luger now works the arm. Bulldog tags and also works the arm as Vince brings up these two being brother in-laws. Owen floats over but gets pancaked then Bulldog slingshots Owen into the corner. Luger lands a few shots on Owen before Bulldog hits a clothesline for a two count. Bulldog applies a chin lock then breaks but gets kneed by Yokozuna from the apron. Yokozuna puts Bulldog in a nerve hold for a bit. Bulldog escapes and runs into a clothesline then Owen tags into the match and lands some shots. Bulldog manages a sunset flip for a two count but Owen comes back with an enziguiri for a two count. Owen misses an attack in the corner as both men are down. The crowd chants “USA” as both Owen and Bulldog tag out. Luger runs wild on Yokozuna then slams Owen off of the top rope. Luger press slams Owen on top of Yokozuna then the Powers almost put away Yokozuna with a double clothesline until Owen makes the save. The match breaks down and Yokozuna misses a charge in the corner as the Powers hit a double back suplex. However, the ref was yelling at Bulldog and missed Luger’s cover so Owen comes off the rope to attack Luger then knocks Bulldog off of the apron, allowing Yokozuna to hit a leg drop on Luger for the win (10:55) **.

Thoughts: Despite the fact they have to design multiple spots during the match for Yokozuna to rest I thought this exceeded expectations. Luger even seemed more motivated than usual but came up short once again in his quest for gold. At one point in the match, Vince was on commentary saying that Bulldog teaming with Luger has the potential to be better than his previous partner (Dynamite Kid, who was not named). And its even funnier in hindsight given what happens. This would be Luger’s last PPV appearance with the WWF.


We cut to Shawn on the Superstar Line.


A video package on the Diesel and Sid feud airs.


Pettengill is backstage with Diesel. He is asked about the lumberjack match as Diesel tells Sid there is nowhere to run or hide and vows to end this feud once and for all.


We see the Creatures of the Night at ringside. If you’re wondering why they are on the show, after the PPV ended, Kama and Undertaker wrestled a casket match for Coliseum Home Video.


WWF World Title Lumberjack Match: Sid w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Diesel (c)

The announcers once again talk about what lumberjacks DiBiase bought off. Shawn comes out with Diesel here. Diesel is attacked by Sid while entering the ring. Diesel fights back and knocks Sid outside a few times with Sid immediately tossed back in each time. Sid then rolls out to his lumberjacks and takes a break. He re-enters then Sid’s lumberjacks low-bridge Diesel and beat him down before tossing him back inside. Sid covers for a two count then starts punching away. Sid stays in control as this match grinds to a screeching halt. Sid’s lumberjacks attack Diesel while the ref was distracted then Sid takes Diesel down with a boot to the face. Diesel fights back and drops Sid with a clothesline. He then hits a pair of elbow drops  before deciding to fly out with a dive onto Sid’s lumberjacks. Diesel attacks the neck of Sid then hits the snake eyes but Mabel trips him up and drags him outside. Mabel avalanches Diesel against the ring post and slams him on the floor as the ref was distracted. Diesel is rolled back inside where he gets choked out by Sid. We get a split screen of Mabel hitting an avalanche on Diesel against the post as Sid now sets up for a powerbomb. Sid hits the powerbomb then taunts the crowd and slaps hands with his lumberjacks. Sid covers nonchalantly and gets a two count. Sid tries another powerbomb but Diesel counters with a back drop as both men are down. Sid then goes out and hits Travis from Tekno Team 2000 with a double axe handle for some reason. Shawn flies off the top to attack Sid then Sid is rolled back inside. Diesel sets up for the jackknife and fights off IRS, Tatanka, and Godwinn as they ran inside then hits Sid with a big boot for the win (10:06) 3/4*.

Thoughts: The action between Sid and Diesel was horrendous and in no way appropriate for a main event. The finish looked like dogshit and the last minute in general really sucked. However, the lumberjacks made it better than it would have been if a straight match. They also seemed to have set up Mabel as Diesel’s next challenger. Oddly enough, a week or two prior in the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” it was reported that after this match Sid would get de-pushed. Let’s see how that report will play out.


Diesel celebrates with his lumberjacks as we get a fireworks display to end the show.


We get a music video recap of the show.


Final Thoughts: We had an excellent IC Title match with a satisfying ending, a fast-paced opener, and the tag matches exceeded (my) expectations. The main event was the shits though and Godwinn/Bigelow did not click but this was a much better offering than last month’s King of the Ring disaster. And at a cheaper price for those who bought the show in real time. We will see the fallout of this on RAW as we build to SummerSlam.