What's big deal about Uncle Dave, like why do people care so much about his opinion? I hate to kick the guy while he is down, as I am sure he will have a long weekend ahead of trying to spin Dynamites huge rating drop, but what makes his opinion such a big deal? I get that his like a historian but just because you watch alot indie and Japanese wrestling doesn't make you the end all be all. If that was the case Mel Kiper would be running an NFL team.

Obviously he was ahead of his time as a wrestling journalist back in the day, but nowadays most of his “exclusives” are either wrong or stolen from alot of the up and comer like SRS. And some of his takes are just the cringest, like the bad bunny take or what he just said about Charlotte/Peyton. Add on top his bias towards Vince while having blinders towards his nephew and disciple deathmatch Tony, he is basically the new age mean Gene hotline. At least you admit to taking Tony's checks. He will not spoil anything for AEW but has no problem ruining surprises for anyone else. They can't even talk about a botch on AEW without immediately comparing it to something that happened on WWE, the guy is a shill. Look, Vince has put on some terrible matches the last 20 years, but to say they had like 2 five stars matches in that time frame while AEW has had like 10 in a 1.5 years proves the Observer is as unbiased as Newsmax. 

Has anyone pulled back the curtain on his inner workings and subscription count? I think I saw like 1500 people voted on the 0bserver awards, that doesn't seem like alot. I would be curious how many people are actually signed up these days with the observer? Although according to him you can't name 3 booker of the year award winners in the last 25 years who didn't grow up reading his work or studying his stuff. I am pretty sure not alot of bookers lost sleep losing that award. 

Oh there you are.  I was wondering when you’d chime in following the other anti-AEW emails.