WWF Wrestling Challenge – July 23rd, 1995

July 23, 1995

From the Marts Center in Wilkes Barre, PA

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon

This week, we will have Hunter Hearsy Helmsley vs. Barry Horowitz


Allied Powers vs. Gus Kantarakis & Jim Dimitri

Gorilla is intrigued with an all-Greek team against the Allied Powers. Luger works over Kantarakis to start. Ross says the Powers are in fact the most powerful team ever assembled in the WWF and recalls Luger slamming Yokozuna. Bulldog is in now and fights off Dimitri. He hits a delayed vertical suplex then the running powerslam for the win (1:43). After the match, Owen runs in from behind to attack Bulldog. Luger fights Owen but Yokozuna comes in and tosses Luger outside. However, after some celebrating by the champs, The Powers run back inside and clear the ring. Ross notes the Powers will not be physically or mentally intimidated and wonders if they will be able to win the titles.

Thoughts: Basic match with a surprise confrontation to build hype for the match at the PPV. It was solid.


WWF Live Event News with Stan Lane.


The Roadie w/ Jeff Jarrett vs. Matt Hardy

Ross refers to Roadie as “Road Dog.” Gorilla is wondering why Jarrett’s music is playing and why is he leading the way to the ring. Ross says that Waylon Mercy will be in action later on in the show. We get dancing from Roadie & Jarrett in the ring. The announcers talk about Roadie nearly ending Kid’s career by breaking his neck as Gorilla wonders if Jarrett will accompany Roadie to the ring at In Your House. Match starts with Hardy working the arm. Roadie fights back but Hardy takes him over a few times and goes back to work on the arm. Hasrdy then leaps up to the top rope and I think was supposed to whiff on a crossbody but Hardy ends up falling on Roadie. We see Roadie drop a few elbows as the announcers tell us that Jarrett did not bring a towel and water while accompanying Roadie to the ring at King of the Ring. Hardy lands a jumping back elbow smash then a front falling slam. Hardy goes back up top but whiffs on a 450 splash then Roadie dances and hits a gordbuster for the win (3:23).

Thoughts: Hardy had a solid showing despite a mix-up at the beginning. However, the main story is the announcers trying to tell us there has been dissension between these two behind the scenes despite it not coming across on TV. A little forced if you ask me.


The “With My Baby Tonight” video airs.


Henry Godwinn vs. Jerry Flynn

Ross refers to Flynn as a “martial artist.” Flynn lands a spin kick then a few more kicks in the corner before running into an elbow smash. We see Ted DiBiase looking on from in front of the curtain as Godwinn drops Flynn with a clothesline. Ross puts over some local house shows as Godwinn drops an elbow. Godwinn continues to beat on Flynn as the camera keeps cutting to DiBiase. Godwinn taunts the crowd as DiBiase is impressed then goes back to beating down Flynn until hitting the Slop Drop for the win (2:21). DiBiase appears impressed then walks through the curtain.

Thoughts: Strong showing here for Godwinn as they play up whether or not he will be an official member of The Corporation.


Clip from Jerry Lawler at Dr. Isaac Yankem’s office on this past edition of RAW airs.


We get the Diesel segment from RAW where he introduces his lumberjacks and has Sid back down from him once again airs.


Back to the announcers as Ross is on the phone with Barry Horowitz wishing him luck before his match. The announcers now talk about the lumberjacks for the In Your House match.


The graphic for Goldust airs.


Waylon Mercy vs. Jeff LeBolt

The announcers talk about other people coming into the WWF shortly as Gorilla says that “The Dean” will make his debut on RAW the day after In Your House. Gorilla calls Mercy a “con artist” and a dangerous individual. Mercy shakes hands and tells LeBolt to listen to the ref as he is the boss. Mercy breaks cleanly to start but lands a cheap shot then rubs LeBolt’s face into the mat. Mercy stomps away then uses a few mat slams as the announcers talk up Mercy as being a sociopath. Ross wants to see Mercy against someone like Bret Hart then the announcers talk about Bret vs. Hakushi for RAW this coming Monday night. Mercy stays in control then puts on the sleeper for the win (2:30).

Thoughts: Lots of focus on Mercy’s character being a deranged, sociopathic conman here. They also seem to be fast-tracking Mercy to a top feud sooner rather than later.


Barry Didinsky is in the “Merchandise Center” selling us the new Shawn Michaels t-shirt. The center is the basic gray backdrop used for taped interviews.


We are shown some of the Shawn Michaels vs. IRS match from RAW.


The Fatu vignette from “Superstars” airs.


Barry Horowitz vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

No entrance shown for Horowitz but he gets a solid reaction. The announcers hype the Superstar Line then we cut to The Bodydonnas watching on a monitor backstage as Skip is crying because he has a loss to Horowitz. The crowd now chants for Barry as Ross jokingly refers to Sunny as “Hillary” as in Hillary Clinton. We keep cutting back to The Bodydonnas as Skip says that Horowitz is an out-of-shape cheater. Horowitz escapes from a wrist lock but Helmsley takes him down with an arm drag. Horowitz uses a backslide then a small package for two counts as The Bodydonnas are flipping out that Horowitz might win again. Helmsley chokes out Horowitz in the corner then takes a bow. Helmsley uses a front facelock as Skip is having a fit backstage. Horowitz fights out then uses a rollup for another nearfall but Helmsley boots Horowitz in the gut and hits the Pedigree for the win as Horowitz’s winning streak ends at one (3:59). Skip then tells Sunny Horowitz’s win was a fluke as Skip runs out to the ring with Sunny trailing. Skip tells Horowitz he is a piece of trash who won on a fluke and then stomps away. Skip says he can beat Horowitz in ten minutes then Sunny grabs the mic as Skip lands more stomps until a few referees pull him off. Skip then screams into the camera about wanting a rematch and how he can beat him in ten minutes.

Thoughts: Horowitz’s streak ends but it appears he will face Skip again in a ten minute challenge at some point. Horowitz was also treated like a generic enhancement guy in this match against Helmsley. Throughout the match, however, they constantly cut to the Bodydonnas watching backstage.


WWF Live Event News with Stan Lane.


The announcers hype up the In Your House PPV as Ross says its just $14.95 for ‘almost two hours of sports entertainment” then offer their predictions in the title matches.


Final Thoughts: Besides the hype for the PPV we also see they are continuing the Skip/Horowitz stuff with at least one more match. This would conclude the post King of the Ring taping cycle with the next set of tapings being the final Challenge exclusive tapings, something we will learn more about next week.