WWF Superstars – July 22nd, 1995


July 22, 1995

From the Stabler Arena in Bethelem, PA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix


Jacob & Eli Blu w/ Uncle Zebekiah vs. Savio Vega & 1-2-3 Kid

The crowd pans over to the Creatures of the Night sitting in the front row during Jacob & Eli’s entrance. (3:21). Savio & Kid work the arm of Jacob to start. Kid slides underneath and hits Zebekiah then comes back in and hits Jacob with a dropkick but quickly dropped with a right hand. Eli tags as Vince yells at Dok for having the audacity to think he can tell Jacob & Eli apart. Eli beats on Kid in the corner as Vince tells us that Razor Ramon will return at In Your House. Savio tags and connects with a spinning heel kick for two as Jacob made the save. Savio goes after Jacob and gets booted outside. Back inside, Jacob & Eli work over Savio in the corner. Eli works a chin lock now as the announcers talk more about Razor’s return. Savio escapes but Eli nails Savio from the apron. Eli tags in and gets two with a suplex as Kid made the save. Jacob & Eli beat on Savio in the corner as we go to break. We return with Jacob & Eli still in control. Savio tries to fight back against Jacob and gets dropped with a clothesline. Eli tags and hits a slam as Vince puts over Jacob & Eli for having an experience advantage. Eli heads up top but Savio dropkicks him off of the top rope. The ref is tied up with Kid then Jacob & Eli miscommunicate after a double team and Savio tags out. Kid tags and runs wild for a little bit. The match breaks down and Kid covers Eli after a spinning heel kick but the ref is distracted and Uncle Zebekiah hits a knee drop from the middle rope then Jacob runs around rolls outside after the ref was yelling at him and Savio in the corner then rolls back in behind the ref’s back and covers for the win (9:31) **.

Thoughts: The match was fine although the finish was quite dumb. It does give Jacob & Eli win over name opponents as on commentary at times over the past week they mentioned how Jacob & Eli wanted revenge against Allied Powers over the loss at WrestleMania XI. However, Jacob & Eli are not over and the gimmick on commentary about not being able to tell them apart does not do the team any favors.


WWF Live Event Center with Stan Lane, replacing the departed Stephanie Wiand. Hype for the 8/12 MSG show as we hear from Shawn Michaels & Diesel hyping up their match against Sid & Jeff Jarrett as they refer to themselves as Batman & Robin as well as “Dudes with Attitudes.” They also promise they’ll both be title holders heading into this match.


Another Fatu vignette as he is back on the streets of San Francisco. He is shown in front of the Cow Palace and talks about dancing in front of the building in order to get enough money to get a ticket. Fatu then says the fact he did not do drugs and stayed in school he can fulfill his dream to wrestle in his hometown. The vignette ends with the words “Making A Difference” appearing on the screen.


Andrea Lipics is the guest ring announcer.


Rad Radford vs. Scott Taylor

We see fans shown in the crowd showing their disgust for Radford. Vince plugs the Superstar Line as Taylor connects with a dropkick. He then fires away after a hip toss but Radford sidesteps a charge and tosses him over the top rope. Radford takes out Taylor with a running clothesline off of the apron as Dok tells us that next week, Radford will wrestle Fatu. Radford then wipes out Taylor with a tope and tosses him back inside and hits a spinebuster. The announcers put over Radford’s wrestling abilties as Radford hits a missile dropkick before finishing off Taylor with a Northern Lights suplex (2:38).

Thoughts: A showcase for Radford heading into next week’s match against Fatu. And Radford is solid in the ring and the tope he’s been doing looks great but he is a lower card heel against a repackaged character and its pretty obvious who is gonna go over there.


The clip of Diesel introducing his bodyguards on RAW and confrontation with Sid airs.


We cut back to the announcers with Dok talking about “Vince Russo” writing articles in WWF Magazine before referring to him as “Vic Venom” a bit later on then we head to break. They are namedropping Venom quite a bit the past few weeks to the point you expect him to make an appearance sooner or later.


A hype video for next week’s Fatu vs. Rad Radford match. After that, Vince tells us how we will also see Razor Ramon & Savio Vega & 1-2-3 Kid vs. Jacob Blu & Eli Blu & Uncle Zebekiah on next week’s show too.


Skip w/ Sunny vs. Russ Greenberg

We get a clip of Horowitz beating Skip from two weeks ago on “Action Zone.” Skip takes Greenberg over with a hip toss but turns his back and Greenberg hammers away. Skip eats boot on a charge but is able to catch Greenberg with a powerslam. Skip does some jumping jacks after stomping Greenberg as the announcers talk about upcoming house shows. Skip comes up short on a dropkick and Greenberg uses a jackknife cover for two. Skip comes up firing and beats on Greenberg in the corner as the camera pans on Sunny’s backside. Skip then hits a splash from the top rope then finishes off Greenberg with a superplex (2:11). After the match, Sunny wipes off Skip and says it was “no sweat.”

Thoughts: They gave Skip a win here but did more hype for the upcoming NY area house shows instead of pushing a rematch between Skip/Horowitz.


The clip of Jerry Lawler at Dr. Isaac Yankem’s office from RAW airs. This is when Yankem pulls an absessed tooth out of some poor kid’s mouth.


Back from break, we get a graphic that reads “Goldust” as Howard Finkel is voicing over that he is 260 lbs and from Hollywood, CA.


Barry Didinsky is in a studio shilling the official “In Your House” t-shirt that shows Sid & Diesel. Didinsky refers to himself as the “Mayor of Merchandise.”


Adam Bomb vs. Kenny Kendall

Bomb grabs a hammerlock until Kendall reaches the ropes. The announcers talk about what happened between Bomb and Godwinn a few weeks ago as Bomb takes Kendall down with a drop toe hold. He then hits a snap suplex and applies a chin lock as the announcers wonder if Bomb and Godwinn will exchange blows while they are lumberjacks at In Your House. Kendall uses a jawbreaker to escape but Bomb fights back. Dok hypes up Bret vs. Hakushi on RAW this coming Monday night as Vince puts over their match at In Your House then Bomb uses a flying clothesline for the win (2:27). Bomb then tosses one of his bombs into the crowd.

Thoughts: A win from Bomb as they pushed his feud with Godwinn on commentary. Also on commentary they hyped up the Bret vs. Hakushi rematch on RAW.


WWF Live Event News with Stan Lane. We now hear from Sid & Jeff Jarrett along with Ted DiBiase and The Roadie to hype the tag match at the 8/12 MSG show.


The ad for In Your House airs.


The announcers run down the In Your House card then the show ends with Jarrett’s “With My Baby Tonight” video.


Final Thoughts: The featured match was passable but the main focus was on the PPV, which airs the next night. The show card was quickly announced after King of the Ring and the hype for this a lot more focused. We also learned of a new wrestler named Goldust who will be appearing soon plus two featured matches on next week’s show as the fallout from the PPV will be the highlight next week and the build to SummerSlam will begin.