Monday Night Raw – November 27, 2006

Monday Night Raw
Date: November 27, 2006
Location: Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

We’re done with Survivor Series and we’ll close out November on Raw with this one. There weren’t many changes coming out of last night for the red show as the good guys dominated the elimination tags. The most significant change might be Mickie James defeating the retiring Lita to win the Women’s Title. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Here is Ric Flair to get things going (with JR saying he went 2-0 last night, which I don’t quite get). Flair talks about how he shouldn’t be out here, as even though he won, he got beaten up by a bunch of male cheerleaders. This is ending tonight, so Flair has challenged the Spirit Squad to come face him right now, because he has partners with him. Before we find out who they might be, here is the Spirit Squad to call him the Nature Toy and mock Flair’s robe. Well in theory at least as they spent a good bit of the cheer adjusting the microphone. Cue Flair’s partners and we have a handicap match.

D-Generation X/Ric Flair vs. Spirit Squad

Before the match, HHH says he’s not ready because he’s sick of the Spirit Squad. If the Squad loses tonight, HHH promises that they’re gone. The Squad is cleared out to start so HHH stomps on Mikey in the corner, setting up a running clothesline. Flair comes in for the backdrop and, after very little from Shawn, it’s back to Flair for a shoulder. Kenny gets in a cheap shot from the apron and everything breaks down to far less of a reaction than you might have expected.

The Squad is cleared out again and Shawn adds the flip dive to take them down again. A triple strut takes us to a break and we come back with Shawn belly to back suplexing Johnny but Nicky comes in to cut off a tag attempt. Kenny slams Shawn and hits some clotheslines before talking a lot of trash. Mitch’s suplex gives Kenny two but Mikey’s splash off of Kenny’s shoulders from the middle rope only hits mat. HHH comes in and starts cleaning house as everything breaks down. Triple Figure Fours finish the Squad off.

Rating: D+. This is about as fitting of a loss as you could have had for the Squad as they were dismantled with DX and Flair never even breaking a serious sweat. The team has been little more than a bunch of goons since their debut, even including their Tag Team Title reign. Not a terrible match, but it was the same beatdown of the team that we’ve seen time after time.

The Hardys are back together tonight and getting a Tag Team Title shot against Rated-RKO so here are some home movies of them wrestling as kids.

During a break, HHH grabbed the sledgehammer and chased the Spirit Squad to the back.

Post break, DX throws most of the Spirit Squad into a crate and slapped a “DESTINATION: OVW, LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY” on the side. They’re also shipping it OPS because the other guys are too expensive. Just make sure it gets there in the next 3-4 weeks and there is no point in insuring it because the content isn’t worth a thing. Shawn signs for the delivery as Mr. McMahon.

Mock tears are shed, though I mainly feel bad for the Squad. They put in the effort and became stars in OVW but they were saddled with this dead end gimmick. That’s on the company/creative instead of the wrestlers, but other than Nicky, none of them were ever able to become stars on their own. It’s also why Jim Cornette didn’t forgive WWE for how they treated OVW for several years and in this case, I can’t blame him. Why bother with developmental if this is what you’re going to do with them?

The Hardys have issued an open challenge for December To Dismember so MNM has reunited and accepted. That could be good, though it is only the second match set for the card.

Battle Royal

Victoria, Maria, Melina, Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson

The winner gets a shot at Mickie James, on commentary. Most of them get their own entrance and Mickie is almost stunned at how close Melina is at falling out of her top. We start with the awkward brawling until Victoria clotheslines Torrie and Candice down. Mickie talks about how she would love to face any of them as Victoria turns on Melina and tosses her out. As Lawler talks about how he would like to have Maria’s legs wrapped around him, Victoria dumps Torrie and then Maria. Victoria survives a Candice elimination attempt and then knees her hard in the face for the win and the title shot. This was Victoria dominating throughout.

Post match we get the staredown so Victoria gives Candice a Widow’s Peak for the proverbial message.

We see the Hardys’ debut on the September 27, 1998 Sunday Night Heat. That’s not exactly their debut in the company, but it was their first match where they were treated as a team that mattered.

Eugene vs. Jim Duggan

JR and King reference a recap before the match that is nowhere to be seen. Eugene hides behind the referee and then slaps Duggan in the face, earning himself some right hands. Duggan returns the slap and starts the USA chant so Eugene bails to the floor. That makes Duggan reach out for him and gets sent head first into the post for his efforts. A neckbreaker gives Eugene the pin.

Post match Eugene demands that we don’t make fun of him because he’s special. Egads this is going to be a rough one.

DX comes up to Dusty Rhodes and Arn Anderson in the back. Dusty knows they don’t respect anyone but what they did for Flair was cool. Shawn says there is a big party planned for Flair tonight, complete with ginger ale, soda, chips, dip and, as a surprise, A KARAOKE MACHINE! DX leaves but HHH comes back to promise the two of them “booze and broads”. Ron Simmons comes in and they’re off to the party.

This Week In Wrestling History: the Test and Stephanie McMahon wedding, which really was kind of awesome. Completely insane and doesn’t quite make sense, but awesome.

Here is Edge for the Cutting Edge. He congratulates DX on beating the Spirit Squad for the millionth time, but it pales in comparison to the amount of times he has beaten up the Hardy Boyz. Tonight he’s doing it again and dedicating it to Lita, the greatest Women’s Champion of all time. For now though, let’s bring out his special guest….and no one is here.

Edge complains a lot so here is Randy Orton next to the stage. He wants Edge to come up here and confirm the guest so Edge heads up to the stage….and drags out a very bloody Ric Flair. Edge says DX should be here making a save but they’re too scared to do anything. Therefore, here’s a pair of Conchairtos to destroy Flair again. There is a long DVD set of times where Flair was taken out just like this.

Kane does things in See No Evil, on DVD this week.

Flair was taken out on a stretcher during the break.

Jerry Lawler vs. Chris Masters

Can’t grieve over Flair for…well about five minutes I guess. Masters takes him down to start as we get what sounds like a chant about being off steroids. A bearhug has Lawler in trouble so he bites the nose to escape. There’s a dropkick into three straight middle rope fist drops (and you thought Flair had it rough). Somehow Masters survives and drops Lawler with a right hand, setting up a suplex. Lawler is back up with the jabs to the face but the Masterlock goes on. Cue Carlito though and the apple being spat in the eyes lets Lawler grab a rollup for the pin.

Rating: D. I’m not sure where to start here, which is not something I would have bet on after a four minute Lawler vs. Masters match. So not only does Lawler survive in the Masterlock without a minute (and doesn’t even go off his feet) but the referee just sits there while Carlito spits apple in Masters’ face? This was a total mess and that shouldn’t be the case in such a simple match.

More Classic Hardys: the first ladder match against Edge and Christian. Yeah that qualifies.

Here are Umaga and Armando Alejandro Estrada for a chat. We see a clip of Umaga’s dominate at Survivor Series, followed by Estrada talking about everyone Umaga has beaten. Therefore, it is time for Umaga to become the new WWE Champion. Estrada puts John Cena on notice so here is Cena in person. The challenge is accepted and the long form staredown is on until Umaga bails.

JR and King show us a clip parodying the Michael Richards stand up incident (Richards was doing a comedy set and went into a crazed racist rant, shouting a variety of N words). Then Cryme Tyme shows up and steals his wallet and does their own joke. This was even dumber than it sounds.

Edge comes up to Jeff Hardy to tell him how much Matt Hardy is dragging him down. Jeff says the only thing that is going to be dragging him down is all the gold. Randy Orton and Matt come up for the staredown.

Tag Team Titles: Hardys vs. Rated-RKO

Rated-RKO is defending. Matt works on Orton’s arm to start before handing it off to Jeff. That works better with Orton, who forearms him in the back and brings in Edge. Stomping ensues but a double backdrop is countered into a double DDT. The hot tag brings in Matt but Orton catches him on top. Matt knocks him down but misses the moonsault, allowing Edge to hit the spear for two as we take a break.

Back with Edge holding a rear naked choke, followed by a flapjack for another near fall. Matt slugs his way to near freedom until a drop toehold pulls him down. Orton drops a knee and we hit the chinlock with a bodyscissors. Matt knocks Edge down again but Orton cuts off another tag attempt.

A belly to back suplex doesn’t work though as Matt flips out and dives over for the hot tag to Jeff. Everything breaks down and a Whisper in the Wind sets up a double Side Effect for two on Orton. The Twist of Fate sets up the Swanton but Edge comes in with the belt for the lame DQ.

Rating: C+. The ending hurt it a good bit but what we got worked out well enough. The Hardys vs. Edge/anyone feels like an important match and it helps that both teams can do their thing rather well. We got a good match here and while I could have gone for a better ending, they didn’t have much of a choice here as you don’t want the Hardys losing or a title change. At least it felt big.

The big beatdown leaves the Hardys laying to end the show.

Overall Rating: D+. The main event helped a bit but the rest of the show was pretty awful. Flair getting taken out worked but you had a bunch of stuff here that felt like little more than filler. You had a five person battle royal, a Jim Duggan match and a Michael Richards parody. If that’s the best that they have at the moment, we could be in for a very long end of the year.

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