In Your House

While bored and needing to kill about 2 hours I decided to pick an In Your House I couldn’t remember anything about to watch and threw on It’s Time. I’m certain at the time it was a nothing show and probably disappointing but at an hour 45 with only one objectively bad match and mostly good wrestling, I thought it was a fun waste of time. Checking your review of the show, I saw the last time you did it was 2002. Now that you’ve finished with SNME, what about redoing the In Your House pay per views? You haven’t done rants on some of those in almost 20 years and I’d imagine the build up to and beginning of the attitude era rants would be good for clicks. I think as they are short shows, with some exceptions most of them have at least one or two good matches I had forgotten about that made them worth revisiting.

Thanks for decades of entertainment


Not the worst idea.  I'm also toying with redoing more of the Clash of Champions shows at some point as a counterpoint to SNME.  Really SNME was ideal for reviewing purposes because they were important shows but only ran an hour without commercials, which is EXACTLY the perfect ratio for me.  I was toying with the idea of redoing IYH7 to match up with the Flashbacks this weekend, but honestly I've reviewed the Shawn-Diesel match multiple times (I think) and it's the only thing worth watching on that one anyway.  But we'll see, I'm open for business, as Hunter says.