Dynamite Numbers

This is actually a total bait and switch. (Not sorry)

I just wanted to say, you appeared to have enjoyed last night's Dynamite much more than I did. For the most part that comes down to you personally enjoying the in-ring stuff more than I did. That's fine. To each his own.

(I'm very over Penta's shitty act and you can clearly see him take liberties with people during matches. Orange Cassidy is a much better as a special attraction than full time wrestler. I don't think Allin's look is helping him and I don't think Allin v. Preston f—ing Vance is a Main Event… these are minor gripes to be sure.)

It did remind me of how much I loathe the WWE product right now. Brian Cage, who has mostly been the guy who gets be by the guys is booked against Adam Page whilst carrying that fake belt. Now, immediately, I disliked this booking because the ONLY finish that has any upside at all is to beat Adam Page and it don't LOVE that idea. So, naturally, I expected to see the guy who gets beat by the guys to come out with his shiny stupid belt and lose or have some embarrassing fuck-finish… because that's what bad creative teams do. They book themselves into corners and then try to make up for it by getting out of the corner in the most stupid and fucked up way possible.

BUT… they didn't do that. I still don't love the booking in the 1st place, but, when they were in that corner, they took the only option that had any upside which was to beat Adam Page. God damn. I think that is the 1st match I've seen where that guy (Cage) with a belt has actually won the match! Imagine that. It's like booking and excecuting a wrestling show doesn't HAVE to be friggin' stupid!

I'm still much more happy to watch a show that is sometimes guilty of trying too hard than a show that could be put on by not trying at all. AEW vs. WWE. Hot take. I know, but really, it's actually just about WWE vs. the consumer to me at this point and that's the infuriating part.


That's far too reasoned an explanation.  Try yelling about how I'm on the payroll next time for better response.