Alternate WM 8 Questions

1. Did Vince have any frame of reference for choosing Hogan/Sid over Hogan/Flair? Yes Hogan/Flair didn't exactly light the house show circuit on fire but did Vince test out Hogan vs. Sid on the house show circuit at ALL before WM 8? 

2.Do you think FACE Savage vs. Hogan would have outdrawn both Hogan vs. Flair and Hogan vs. Sid in 1992? I rarely see this one questioned so I thought it might be cool to ask.

1.  Hogan/Sid hadn't been tested out, no, but Hogan/Flair had and the feud was out of gas.  So at least Sid was fresh.

2.  That would have suicidal and wrecked Savage.  The Flair feud in 92 didn't exactly do him any favors as it was and he WON most of those matches!