The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 04.27.21

The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 04.27.21

Well, I ended up skipping last week’s episode, but they put a nice minute long video recap on YouTube so I got caught up again.

Taped from Atlanta, GA

Your hosts are Joe Galli, Velvet Sky & Tim Storm

Nick Aldis joins us at the desk to start, and he’s here to address serious issues:  On a scale of 1 to 10, he’s an 11.  Oh man, he’s really owning the libs on Twitter with that hot take!  But he’s been feeling some energy since taking out Trevor Murdoch last week, and interviewer Kyle Davis thinks that maybe Aldis doesn’t want Murdoch around the promotion.  Aldis is very disappointed by this disrespect to himself, but he invites Trevor out for a parlay.  Trevor is ready to kick his ass and tell him off, but Nick calms him down and offers a six-man match tonight, where if Trevor wins he can get what he REALLY wants…another shot at the National title.  Trevor rightly accuses him of PEACOCKING, which is now the worst thing you can be in wrestling, and ducking his challenge for the World title, but Aldis just knows that he wants to finish things with Chris Adonis, gosh darnit.  And in fact, if Trevor loses tonight, he leaves town for 30 days.  1 for 1.

The announcers discuss this shocking twist for an extended period of time, which I guess is why the show is SUPER-SIZED tonight.

Sal Rinauro v. Kratos

Kratos immediately beats on Sal without mercy and drops an elbow on him, but Mae Valentine and Danny Deals try to come in and stop the beating, which prompts the ref to call for a no-contest at 1:50.  Aron Stevens remains disappointed with the direction his tag team partner is going with his life, and Kratos is so fired up that he goes to the desk and gets in Tim Storm’s face, looking for a fight.  Tim calmly defuses the situation, but Thomas Latimer and Chris Adonis come out to stir up the pot by naming Kratos as their six-man partner in the main event tonight.  Clearly this is leading to Sal Rinauro and Tim Storm going for the tag team titles and I’m all in for it.  2 for 2.

Slice Boogie and Jax Dane join us at the desk, ahead of their falls count anywhere match that happens NEXT WEEK, as Slice talks shit about Jax being 0-2 against him thus far and he’s pretty funny, but Jax calls him a chihuahua and points out that his actions do the talking in the ring.  Good old school trash talking segment here.

NWA TV Title:  Pope v. Tyrus

With Storm off cooling down in the back, Austin Idol takes over on commentary and he’s delightful as always.  Idol refuses to reveal Tyrus’ plan for the match, although Galli points out that the bell has already rung so it’s not exactly spoilers at this point.  Tyrus takes Pope to the corner for some abuse, but Pope dodges a charge, so Idol decides to come over and trip up Pope to be on the safe side.  Tyrus takes over with an elbow for two while Idol points out that he told us in advance that he was going to go distract Pope.  And then he changes his mind and lies about it instead.  Pope tries to fight back while Tyrus stands there and takes it, and then goes to a bearhug that gets two.  Pope makes a comeback with time running out, going up with a missile dropkick, while Idol freaks out that it’s illegal and he should be disqualified for it, then goes to interfere again in the name of making it fair.  Both guys end up on the floor and Idol gets thrown out for trying to help his man, but Tyrus chokes him out on the floor as time expires at 6:05.  Tyrus is just awful and there HAS to be someone else on the indie scene they can hire for pennies on the dollar that can stand there and look stupid instead of him.  2 for 3.

FACE TO FACE with Thunder Rosa and Kamille.  For some reason the women have to name advocates, so Rosa chooses Melina and Kamille brings out Taryn Terrell.  Melina does her promo and then Taryn blows her off with the bitchy mean girl act, which she is PERFECT at pulling off, so Melina goads them into putting up Kamille’s title shot (“OH MY GOD YOUR VOICE IS HURTING MY EARS!”) but Taryn will have demands that she’ll announce next week.  So it breaks into a yelling match and poor Kyle Davis gets caught in the middle.  This REALLY felt like 10 minutes of filler stretched out as long as possible. 2 for 4.

Thomas Latimer, Chris Adonis & Kratos v. Trevor Murdoch, Sal Rinauro & Aron Stevens

Sal is still all taped up from his beating earlier, so Tim Storm tells him to go back to the dressing room and takes his place.  Everyone slugs it out to start and Strictly Business double-teams Murdoch on the floor, but Latimer starts the match with Storm in the ring and slugs away in the corner.   Storm fights back in his snazzy new cowboy boots and gets two, and Murdoch comes in with a corner clothesline on Latimer.  Stevens comes in and drops an elbow for two, which he dedicates to the Question Mark, but Latimer comes back with a slam and it’s over to Adonis.  He quickly gets trapped in the babyface corner and tags out to Latimer, and the faces continue double-teaming him as well.  Double elbow gets two for Storm and he adds a big boot for two.  Stevens comes in, but gets worked over and he’s face-in-peril with not much going on until it’s hot tag Tim Storm.  Storm is all fired up with a big boot on Latimer, but Sal Rinauro jumps on the apron and cheer him on, and Storm gets distracted and pinned by Adonis at 10:50, which sends Trevor Murdoch home for 30 days without pay.  This whole Stevens as a serious babyface deal is just not working for me.  Match was decent though, and it put in the work in setting up a further issue between the NWA tag champs, plus Tim Storm’s comeback, and the probable main event of the June PPV with Trevor Murdoch challenging Nick Aldis for the NWA title.  3 for 5.

Honestly, the “super sizing” here was a lot of filler to inject another 15 minutes into a show that didn’t need to be an hour.  45 minutes is the perfect length for these and it always drags when they go longer.  What I do enjoy is that the cast of characters is small and focused and they make sure to give everyone a part to play, so no one’s getting lost in the shuffle.